Mujo Learning Systems’ Founder and Author, Shawn Moore, has announced that the company will be donating 1 million online courses to post-secondary institutions, high schools, and small businesses across North America.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions everywhere have been forced to transition fully online, and this transition is proving to be difficult for many institutions, educators, and students. Access to online courses and learning how to navigate the online world professionally is essential at this time, which is why Moore decided to help by giving away 1 million courses in the hopes that they will help people adjust to this new normal.

Who Can Use Mujo’s Courses?

Institutions, educators, students, and entrepreneurs can all access and benefit from Mujo’s online Social Media Marketing Strategy course. The course, which normally costs $199, will be free for anyone who registers between April 6th and August 6th of 2020. The course runs from 6-12 hours and is completed completely online. It was created by industry professionals and includes narrated instructional video tutorials and hands-on activities to provide practical experience.

How to Access Free Social Media Marketing Courseware

In order to receive a free course, fill out the form on this page and you will be sent an email with the coupon code. Click the link in the email to purchase the course and enter the coupon code. When you apply the code, the price of the course will change to $0 and you will be able to access the complete courseware.

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