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Welcome District and CTE Directors, Principles, High School Teachers, and Research Staff.

Thank you for your dedication to your students and their education, despite the recent immeasurable challenges that you have faced.

As a key stakeholder in the research, development, and adoption of high demand technology curriculum, you may be feeling the need to add, augment, or create elective classes in online marketing for grades 10, 11 and 12 students, offer an entrepreneurship program in digital marketing, or building on your dual enrollment partnership. If so, you are in the right place!

Mujo provides over 300 hours of experiential learning in a technology rich environment, that bridges the gaps between theory and practice with hands-on “industry vetted” projects built into each of our popular and engaging digital media marketing and strategic website design textbook topics that students want, and that job markets have high demand for. Our dual enrollment content provides educators with an organic path for schools with multiple brands to build on their unique offerings.

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Curriculum Topics:

Mujo’s electronic, continuously updated, instructor led content, helps engage your grade 10, 11 and 12 students to cross the graduation finish line by providing your district, teachers and students with adopted and proven curriculum, textbooks, and teacher training cloud so your students can:

  • Attain employment in high paying jobs after graduation.
  • Advance their career pathway in partnership with 2-year college certificates and 4-year university degree programs.
  • Become entrepreneurs, consultants, or start their own businesses.
  • Transition through ESL programs.

We have framed our content based on over 25 years of industry experience.

Our content is currently used by over 115 Colleges, Universities and High Schools in North America today.

Teacher Progress Tracking. Directors, staff, principles, parents, and teachers, love our teacher training cloud with chapter-by-chapter progress tracking that is built right in to help with CTE supervision, evaluation, and professional development requirements. This helps ensure both teachers' individual creative teaching style, and consistent delivery of our course materials can be deployed and scaled quickly and easily across large and small school districts alike.

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About You

Our Understanding of Your Requirements

  • You are tasked with the development and adoption of high demand technology curriculum to create elective classes in online marketing for grades, 10, 11, and 12 students, or offer an entrepreneurship digital marketing program.
  • You want reliable, current, and continually updated instructor led content to help your teachers stay relevant and provide teacher progress reporting.
  • You want to provide both online and in classroom options to your students.
  • You want this content to engage and help your students graduate and get high paying jobs, advance their education pathway, transition with ESL, or start their own businesses.
  • You want fair pricing on content for your students, school, and district.

Instructions for teachers who will have their school administrator or bookstore purchase textbooks for your students: Simply sign up for the titles that you wish to teach and have your administrator or bookstore order the textbooks for your students directly through this link "order high school student textbooks" which is also located on the upper left hand side navigation of this page, or via email to admin@mujo.com with attached PO#. Our textbooks are updated frequently. To ensure teachers and your students are working with the most current textbooks, we highly recommend delivery of e-books from 3-10 days before your class.

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Top 11 Reasons “High Schools" Choose Mujo's Content

  • Affordable price for extremely high quality, current content
  • Projects built in for hands on experience using the platforms themselves
  • Framed from 25 years of digital marketing agency industry experience
  • Vetted by >20 SME's working in the field today for job ready skills on day 1
  • Over 30 Platforms distilled into our textbooks
  • Turn-key digital marketing curriculum for elective, entrepreneurship or certificate pathway programs
  • Continually updated trending content, written in the same voice for all textbooks
  • Teacher training cloud (100's of audio and video tutorial, assignments, exams, PowerPoints, supplemental materials)
  • Teacher training tracking by chapter (teachers, principles, boards and CTE directors can monitor teachers progress)
  • Cloud video content can be used to build out and service your online delivery model exactly the way you want to
  • Hourly running orders, handy post-it notes and minute-by-minute lesson plans

Would you like a Free Copy of
the Teacher Manual Examination?

Ready to Schedule a Content &
Purchasing Program Review?