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Online marketing fundamentals textbook
Online marketing fundamentals textbook and curriculum

Thinking of offering an elective class for grades 10, 11 and 12 in online marketing fundamentals, website design strategy, social media, seo, writing online content, or crm automation in your high school? If so, you are in the right place!

Our High School program consists of this easy-to-use High School Shop section to access and order your instructor manuals, student textbooks, and teacher training cloud courseware.

There are typically several ways you can teach our content, so please let us know how your school ordering works, how many students you are planning on attending over the semester / year, and whether you want to purchase the textbooks directly and reuse them in your bookstore or have your students purchase them directly and take their textbooks with them at the end of the class. We offer soft copy and e-book delivery based on your class size volume and class delivery model.

  • Individual teacher class, and registered school purchases (we have a minimum order of 10 student editions for electronic e-book delivery and 20 for printed soft-copy delivery. Both include a teacher's manual, quizzes, assignments, tests and PowerPoints)
  • Multi school / district purchases (we offer a volume rebate program, contact us)
  • County / state / provincial / territory purchases (we offer a volume rebate program, contact us)

Instructions for individual teacher and direct school purchases of textbooks: Simply open an account and order your electronic or soft-copy printed teacher manual for the titles that you wish to teach and order the textbooks for your students at the same time. (to receive free teacher manuals there is a minimum student order of 20). Our textbooks are updated frequently, often twice per year. To ensure teachers and your students are working with the most current textbooks, we do recommend e-books.

To help teachers stay up to date, we offer a teacher training cloud platform that provides self-paced chapter-by-chapter video tutorials and much more on all of our titles. Test Drive it FREE here!

Instructions if your students are responsible to purchase their own textbooks: once you register your school and place your order for the teacher manual titles that you will be teaching, you can have your students purchase their e-textbooks directly through our “student shop.”

Instructions for school districts, counties, states, territories, and provinces: We offer a Volume Rebate Program. If you are in this group, please go here for institution sales.