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Welcome Higher Education Deans, Curriculum Directors, Department Chairs, Professors, and Instructors.

Thank you for your dedication to your students and their education, despite the recent immeasurable challenges that you have faced.

If you are researching digital marketing curriculum, syllabus, and textbooks to, augment, update, or start your digital marketing course offerings or certificate programs, then you are in the right place.

Our digital marketing curriculum for higher education provides both 2-year and 4-year educators the opportunity to add up to 500 hours and six titles of instructor-led content, focusing on everything digital marketing for your curriculum. Educators can add our curriculum and textbook titles to enrich your offerings for both in classroom and online delivery within your existing degree, or certificate program, or as a standalone course offering. We also work with dual enrollment partnerships.

Watch Our Digital Marketing Curriculum For Higher Education Overview Video by our President and CEO

Mujo provides an experiential learning and technology rich environment, with hands-on “industry vetted” projects built into each of our engaging textbook topics that students want, and that job markets have high demand for.

We can also work with you to provide your own "digital marketing certificate" program with our titles.

Our Teacher Training Cloud helps ensure consistent delivery of our content with multiple instructors, across multiple campuses, and quick onboarding of new instructors. Our cloud includes hundreds of instructional videos that walk instructors through each chapter of individual textbooks, as well as provide PowerPoint slides for every chapter, supplemental materials to increase hours for your classroom delivery, syllabus, answer keys, quizzes, exams, and help build out your online delivery model.

There are several ways you can use our content successfully, so please let us know how your school and courses are set up and how many students you are planning on attending over each intake or semester / year.

Please instruct us on your model of delivery, whether you want to purchase the books directly and include them in your tuition, or have your students purchase them directly from our website. We offer soft-copy and e-book delivery based on your class size, volume, and class delivery model. To speak to a mujo advisor chat with us now or book a 15 minute time slot that works with your schedule here.