Master Digital Marketing and Instruct Others Using Mujo’s SEO Curriculum


Mujo is proud to present all-new courseware you can use to learn SEO and teach digital marketing. Our innovative approach is centered on demonstrating the interconnectivity of elements like SEO when it comes to creating successful digital marketing processes. We want you to master digital marketing. We’ve created the Mujo curriculum using the:

  • Expertise of digital marketing professionals
  • Most current and reliable online resources
  • Latest technology, allowing us to deliver and update content on a regular basis

With Mujo you can be confident that you are getting the information you need to jumpstart your digital marketing career or upgrade your existing skills. College administrators and teachers who purchase our SEO curriculum can also utilize our teacher’s version which includes lesson planning ideas and answer keys. Log into the teacher portal here.

Take the leap and get the SEO texts that will help you and your students master digital marketing.



For students and professionals who want to learn SEO, our texts will teach you how to:
  • Do effective keyword research
  • Write engaging copy
  • Utilize analytics tools
  • And much more
For teachers and administrators, our SEO curriculum includes:
  • Case studies
  • Tests and Answer Keys
  • Activities and Extension Exercises
  • Multimedia resources (e.g. podcasts, videos, PowerPoint presentations etc.)

Mujo gives you all the resources you need on the path to master digital marketing and grow your career. Or, if you are a teacher or post-secondary administrator, it enables you to put your students onto that path and get them job-ready for the digital marketing field upon graduation.