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Content Suggestions and Feedback

We appreciate your feedback on our content. At Mujo, we collaborate closely with a Digital Marketing Agency as well as conduct research and interviews to create our publications. This collaboration and research enables us to include the latest industry strategies, best practices, tips, and technology for the benefit of students and readers.

The Digital Marketing Agency applies our curriculum’s strategies and best practices on a daily basis. We know these techniques are effective and can be used by aspiring and seasoned digital marketing professionals in the workplace today.

We encourage your feedback on our publications, as we are always striving to improve and update them. We invite you to express your opinion on our material, and even submit your own content and case studies, even if you disagree with anything presented in our books. If you submit vetted and proven content that we later include in our publications, we will credit you by way of mention.

Thank you for helping us provide our students with the very best in digital marketing knowledge.