Frequently Asked Questions

These courses will give you a thorough understanding of how businesses can apply digital media, including social media and SEO, for marketing to clients.

Each course has been written to take approximately 40 hours to complete, and there are currently three courses.

Course 1, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, is the first text that introduces topics that will be covered in more depth in subsequent courses. The remaining courses may be studied in any order.

Digital marketing skills are highly sought after and cover a broad skill set including: graphic design, web design, SEO copywriting, social media strategies, and many others.

Each course comes complete with hourly running orders, teacher’s notes, answer keys, PowerPoint slides, links to online examples and resources, and much more.

We would be happy to entertain invitations to speak to students and business professionals about digital marketing strategies.

Yes. Electronic copies of the book will be sent to schools for delivery to students, or are available for purchase individually from