Corporate Training for Marketing Directors, Assistants, and Consulting Professionals

Corporate Training for Marketing Directors, Assistants, and Consulting Professionals

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The digital marketing industry is always evolving, and it is important for professionals in the industry to stay current. The problem professionals face with traditional digital marketing textbooks is that they are not up-to-date with the skills employers are seeking.

Mujo is here to solve problems for professionals who are faced with outdated textbooks. Mujo has a series of digital marketing textbook curriculum and electronic content written by industry professionals.

Mujo’s textbook curriculum and electronic content is always evolving with the fast-paced world of digital marketing and is designed for professionals, college administrators, teachers, and students.

Mujo’s courseware includes:

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  2. Strategic Web Design
  3. Social Media Marketing Strategies

How Can Marketing Professionals Benefit from Mujo?

Mujo provides many benefits for professionals who are new to the digital marketing industry or for those who want to update their current knowledge.

For professionals, Mujo provides:

  • An eBook that is interactive, engaging and can be taken anywhere
  • Current, relevant and job-ready information
  • Practical activities where students apply the knowledge learned
  • Communicative and interactive material, with engaging case studies and activities
  • Digital content contains podcasts, videos, PowerPoint presentations and much more to aid your learning

Professionals will gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry with Mujo’s curriculum.

Professionals from any industry will become confident in their ability to succeed in the digital marketing industry after completing Mujo’s curriculum.

You will be at ease knowing you are only learning the most current industry practices because Mujo regularly updates their courseware to reflect the changing digital marketing industry.

Courseware That Meets the Demands of Working Professionals and Marketing Directors

It can be difficult to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital marketing industry as a working professional. Mujo makes corporate training for professional easy so that they can meet the current demands of the industry.

Whether you are a new or advanced digital marketing professional or looking for a professional career change, Mujo is perfect for you. Mujo provides students with the most comprehensive and up to date digital marketing course.

Each of Mujo’s courses have been written to take approximately 40 hours to complete.

Comprehensive lesson plans and sample questions make it easier for professionals to learn the material.

Insights into successful and unsuccessful digital marketing campaigns are presented in Mujo’s textbooks. Winning campaigns teach us strategies that work and failed campaigns teach us strategies that don’t work and what could have been done to be more successful.

Activities and discussion questions are built around the digital marketing case studies presented in the books to help learners analyze them in depth.

Mujo offers books that teach the all-important digital marketing basics for professionals who want to learn the basic of digital marketing:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Branding
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Identifying a target market
  • Domain name marketing

For more advanced learners, we also have publications that teach:

  • Website development
  • Marketing budgets and ROI
  • Social media marketing strategies and analytics
  • Lead conversions and management

Mujo Training Systems Can Equip Manufacturers and Distributors with Digital Marketing Skills So You Can Leverage Your SEO and Brand Through Your Distributors and/or Retailers

Companies know the importance of digital marketing for their business, but it’s not always possible to get the digital marketing help companies need.

Mujo’s textbooks and online content can help manufacturers and distributors who want to help educate their retail or dealer bases on digital marketing. Mujo’s textbook and online content will not only provide positive ROI for your retailers and dealer bases, it will teach them current and relevant digital marketing material taught in post-secondary institutions without ever having to step into a classroom.

Through Mujo’s comprehensive and up to date material, your retailers and dealer bases can learn the ins and outs of digital marketing direct from industry professionals. With this new knowledge, they will be able to help your business’ online marketing initiative.

With Mujo, employees of retailers and dealer bases can learn at their own pace and in their own time. These employees will become imbued with current digital marketing skills in as little as 40 hours.

Continuous training and education are important for employees of your retail or dealer bases to excel in their role in the company. Mujo will provide them the knowledge and skills they need to excel in digital marketing for the company.

Potential Case Study Example

Acme Industries is a multinational corporation involved in marketing and distributing food products to the hospitality industry across North America.

With over 1000 dealer or retailer locations, Acme’s challenge is ensuring each location was not only marketing the brand properly, but also keeping up with current best practices. Leveraging the downline of knowledge base to support the brand gives Acme a serious boost to SEO and search results on line.

By partnering with Mujo Learning Systems, Acme can purchase the entire line of Mujo courseware and gift them to each of their dealers / locations. Doing so would allow Acme Industries ramp up their marketing efforts at a lower cost by training existing partners while keeping their branding consistent and up-to-date.

The Mujo Difference

What makes Mujo courseware unique is that is written by professionals in the industry who are knowledgeable about the avenues of success in digital marketing. What makes Mujo different is:

  • Mujo has partnered with an established digital marketing agency with 20 years of experience, Think Inc, to inspire its course books with the best industry practice.
  • Edited by a certified teacher who has co-authored more than a dozen textbooks for mature students on a variety of topics.
  • Winning digital marketing techniques and tips are included in Mujo’s material.
  • Content is regularly updated with industry data to reflect the fast-paced world of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing changes almost monthly; the technology we have in place allows us to update our online marketing textbooks, so instructor and students can keep updated on the latest tools and trend in the industry.

Why Choose Mujo?

Our vision is to lead, inform and inspire people and businesses by empowering them with the most current, relevant and engaging educational content that they can experience anytime, anywhere.

Mujo provides the best textbook and digital content for corporate training to professionals so they will succeed in the workplace with the knowledge and skills they have learned through Mujo.

Mujo’s digital marketing textbooks and electronic content are the best available today. Contact Mujo if you want to provide corporate training in digital marketing or are a professional looking to acquire new digital marketing skills.

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