Digital Marketing Curriculum, Textbooks and Teacher Training Cloud For Higher Ed and High Schools

Digital Marketing Curriculum, Textbooks and Teacher Training Cloud for the 21st Century

Mujo’s Digital Marketing curriculum, textbooks and Teacher Training Cloud platform for schools are perfect when it comes to teaching the ins and outs of the digital marketing. Our curriculum was developed by professionals currently working in digital marketing. In fact, our Founder Shawn Moore brings over 25 years experience in running the digital marketing agency to our content. Our textbooks and curriculum are written by industry professionals today, vetted through Mujo's writers and private subject matter experts.

If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing curriculum and electronic textbooks for colleges, universities and high schools please reach out for a demo. If you are in charge of curriculum development for your school or institution and adding more courses and are interested in having premium learning resources for your students, now is the time more than ever to get Mujo's digital marketing electronic textbooks, curriculum and online teacher training platform.

Product Features and Benefits
  • 2 2 Certificate programs are available; Digital Marketing Certificate with 4 titles and a Master in Digital Marketing Certificate for 6 titles. Individual titles are also available.
  • Complete set of designed learning outcomes with up to 525 hours of instructor led course material ready for your government, state, county, province or regulatory body approval submissions.
  • Learning outcomes are matched completely with our textbooks for delivery of your course offerings in whole or in part with our textbooks, supplemental content and teacher training cloud
  • Electronic instructor / teacher manuals complete with minute by minute lesson plans
  • Complete midterm and final exams
  • Consistent content with matching Teacher and Student textbook versions, written in the same voice
  • Consistent look and feel of textbook design, text, graphics and layouts
  • Textbooks available in electronic format through VitalSource and direct to your LMS or student printed textbook format
  • Instructors can read / watch / listen in as little as a day or week ahead of your class to present our content.
  •  Business, Marketing, Web Design, Writing, English, ESL and Continuing Ed Instructors can teach our content.
  • Flexible Content Delivery to match your institutions approach to updated material. Fixed edition, annual, bi-annual or continual updates online with matching textbook versions.
Business Model Ordering Flexibility
  • License VIR Programs that include the costs of textbooks in your offerings
  • License VIR Programs who have their Students purchase their own books directly through us
  • Multi title sell through discounts available in our VIR Programs
  • Bookstore VitalSource ISBN #'s
  • Direct through our website
  • Email PO#
  • Printed textbook
  • Electronic textbook
  • Combination of both textbook and electronic delivery
  • Available through VitalSource wholesale
·       Co-label licensing available
Campus Director / Advisor / Sales Training Assistance
  • Onboarding Training
  • PowerPoint Template for advisers
  • Course Overviews with Benefit Statements
Instructor / Teacher Resources / Intake Preparation / Training
  •  Teacher Training Cloud Platform, Onboarding and Orientation
  • Quizzes with all answer keys and exams
  • Instructor online platform log in for updated content to maintain consistency in course content delivery across multiple campuses, regions, districts with full library access to build out your online delivery assets
  • Instructor platform with 100's of video tutorials, tests, updated resources - by Title
  • Supplemental material to increase course variance in time delivery to match your course offerings by Title
  • Completed PowerPoint's for all chapters for each textbook (over 40 available)
  • Teacher/ Instructor Certificate of Completion
  • Teacher Email and Telephone Support
  • Minute by minute lesson plans

Helping Your Students Get Good Careers

Mujo's textbooks offer readers insights into successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns. In our digital marketing case studies, we present examples that people can learn from. Winning campaigns teach us what strategies work. Failed ones demonstrate which ones don’t. In the Mujo courseware, discussion questions and activities are built around these digital marketing case studies so learners analyze them in depth. This kind of analysis often yields innovative digital marketing ideas and teaches readers which digital marketing techniques are effective.

Students Learn From Industry Experts

The digital marketing field offers many opportunities for career success. Yet, how do new graduates or professionals find those opportunities? This is where Mujo comes in. Our courseware contains content written by industry insiders who know where the avenues for success are in digital marketing for business. They know what you need to know to succeed. With this in mind, we’ve ensured that all the sure-fire winning digital marketing techniques and tips are included in our materials.

Our publications are also regularly updated to include recent developments and innovations in the field. We regularly review our recommended practices in our book series and ensure that everything we suggest to readers is still relevant and accurate as the industry evolves.