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Digital Marketing skills are in hot demand, unfortunately the existing courses are failing.

Every month students are graduating with outdated marketing skills, a problem Mujo is working to solve. We are assembling a set of courses for students and business professionals to learn from the experts. We are still working on building all the courses, but the first three are available now: Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Strategic Web Design, and Social Media Marketing Strategies. Want a sample? Check out chapter 1 of Digital Marketing Fundementals, "The Importance of Brand," available for download now.

Who is Mujo For?


Written by current professionals in the digital marketing world, your institution and students will have access to the latest in digital marketing techniques.


Each textbook is designed with educators in mind. Comprehensive lesson plans and sample questions make it the perfect resource to supplement your lectures.


Never fall behind again with our materials. Updated regularly, our textbooks are perfect for new and seasoned marketing professionals alike.


No more gigantic paper textbooks, every course is available in eBook form. Learn practical tips from actual marketing experts who use them every day.

Top Selling Courses

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Introduces students to the main tools digital marketers use: SEO, PPC, and more.

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Strategic Web Design

Focuses on web design, and advances students’ knowledge by teaching them how websites work and are designed.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Covers the major social media platforms as well as how marketers can include them in their digital strategies.

Online Marketing Best Practices

Drills further into the next stage of online marketing. Expands upon the fundamentals of design and digital marketing examined in the previous courses.

Welcome To Mujo


Mujo was founded to break down barriers between marketing professionals and students. By distilling a successful agency's knowledge into a series of digital marketing textbooks, we have provided future and current marketers with the techniques to adapt and succeed in the digital world.

  • Over 30 Years of Experience In Each Book
  • Updated Regularly With New Best Practices
  • Written For Students and Professionals alike
  • Individual Courses Make Learning Customizable

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I'm confident that the content in this series of textbooks from my agency’s real world experience of the digital marketing landscape will help students gain employment fast and help educators improve their course offerings.

Shawn Moore, Chairman & Founder