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Turnkey Digital Marketing Curriculum and Textbooks

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Digital Marketing Fundamentals book cover

This curriculum introduces students to both the best practices and to the common foundation of digital marketing and branding. The textbook also includes an introduction to the main tools that digital marketers are using in the field today which include SEO, PPC, email marketing, and much more. In addition, students will create a brand style guide upon course completion.

Strategic Web Design book cover

This curriculum focuses on using WordPress for website design and advances students’ knowledge by teaching them how websites work. The textbook also examines how technology choices for building a website are more important than students may think. Each student leaves with an understanding of analytics and a fully functional website that they have built from scratch.

Social Media Marketing Strategies book cover

This curriculum covers all major social media platforms, and how marketers can incorporate these platforms in their digital strategies. The textbook breaks down the three ways to use social media for personal use, business purposes, and advertising. This helps students understand the platforms so that they can build better-designed campaigns that generate better results.

Lead Management and Conversion book cover

Marketing Automation

This curriculum takes an in-depth look at analytics, CRM, lead management, and conversion. The textbook details the importance of data in managing and growing a business. Generating traffic from a website is crucial, but converting traffic into clients and sales is the goal. Students gain a solid foundation to setting up these systems and tracking and converting sales.

Who is Mujo’s Digital Marketing Textbooks and Curriculum For?

(All of our content is available in printed hardcopy textbooks or in a digital reader version)

Written by current professionals in the digital marketing world, your institution and students will have access to the latest in digital marketing techniques.

Mujo Learning Systems for Instructors

Each textbook is designed with educators in mind. Comprehensive lesson plans and sample questions make it the perfect resource to supplement your lectures.

Mujo Learning Systems for Professionals

Never fall behind again with our materials. Updated regularly, our textbooks are perfect for new and seasoned marketing professionals alike.

Mujo Learning Systems for Students

Learn the latest in day-to-day practices directly from the pros who are doing this work every day! You will get practical tips and real examples from industry experts.

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