Career Opportunities

Our Culture:

Mujo Learning Systems, is an innovative textbook publisher that specializes in Digital Marketing Curriculum. In 1996, our President and CEO, Shawn Moore, built a successful digital marketing agency that generated over a billion dollars in sales for its customers from his digital marketing methodologies. His agency currently serves clients across North America. Shawn's methodologies are baked into our textbooks, curricula, and teacher training cloud. We are nimble, move fast, and make things happen. 


Our Vision is to lead, educate, and inspire people and businesses by empowering them with the most current, relevant, and engaging digital marketing content that can be experienced anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Our Mission is to help educators advance their student’s career pathways, land high paying jobs, or start their own businesses by providing content, processes, and tools, that professionals are using in the field today.



Now Hiring - Our Process

We want to find the best match for our opportunities, and we want you to find the best match for your skills, interest and abilities. Your patience is appreciated as we go through this process together. We thank you so much for your applications. Candidates will be contacted in the event that you match our criteria.

Our hiring process consists of a three stage screening and interview process from here. 1. The online interview (link below). 2. We will call candidates for a brief telephone interview who match our criteria. 3. Finalist candidates will receive a video conference interview. When we have completed all finalist interviews we will make a job offer to our preferred candidate, and all finalist candidates will be notified of our decision.

We know this is a very trying time for everyone, particularly those looking for jobs, however we simply don't have the resources to contact everyone who applies for each position. Don't be discouraged, you could be the one we are looking for! Please accept our apologies in advance if you are not contacted.

High School Curriculum Advisor