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CDI College Case Study

About CDI College

A career diploma program at CDI College is your first step toward professional development and success. All of our curricula have been based on input from professionals in the areas of business, technology, and healthcare. This professional input ensures that our learning outcomes match current industry standards so that our graduates enter the workforce with the required skills needed to excel in their chosen career paths.

Established in 1970, CDI College has 26 campus locations across Canada. CDI College consistently delivers world-class education, helping students achieve success in their new career paths.


  • Obtaining current and engaging digital marketing courseware for our students
  • Ensuring that our instructors have access to supplementary content, tests with answer keys, PowerPoint presentations, video content, and lesson plans
  • Provide students with employment opportunities in the digital marketing industry


  • Mujo Learning Systems’ turnkey digital marketing curriculum is based on the expertise of Think Inc., an agency with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Students are learning real-world, practical skills in Mujo’s textbooks that will aid them in the digital marketing industry.
  • Activities paired with the valuable information in Mujo’s courseware keep students interested and involved in their own learning process.
  • Instructors can focus on teaching their students, rather than preparing extensively for classes because Mujo’s teacher’s manuals ensure they are well-prepared to deliver course content.


  • Students are able to complete their classes with work they can be proud to show potential employers, including their own websites, blogs, brand style guides, and more.
  • Instructors and administrators know they can reach out to Mujo for support at any time.

Client Testimonial

As one of Canada's premier career-training providers, we offer solid, market-driven programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are in-demand by the leading employers. CDI College focuses on art and design, business, dental, early childhood education, healthcare, legal studies, and technology programs. We change lives through education.

The courseware from Mujo was easy-to-use and had helpful activities that engaged my students with the material, giving them the hands-on approach they are used to. The courseware helped me cut down on my prep time before each class. The students were excited to try every course and loved that there was an accompanying YouTube playlist that was constantly being updated for them to view specific ads or videos offered by Mujo. The step-by-step guides for each activity meant that students could easily follow along and do the activities with me or with a substitute teacher if need be. So far, we have taught over 35 students at two campuses. Approximately 20 students are using the skills and knowledge they have gained from the Mujo Courseware in their careers, specifically, the knowledge gained from Social Media Strategies and Digital Marketing Fundamentals, both of which are also briefly touched on in our Marketing Course. I am really glad we can also go into depth on these topics with our students, so they can gain a complete understanding of the marketing world and give each student a competitive edge in the workforce.

Alexander Yates, InstructorCDI College, Edmonton, AB

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