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Comprehensive High-School Web Design Curriculum for Teachers & Students

A teacher helping high-school students in web design class.

We are living in the digital era, which means that a lot of business, leisure, and communication is conducted online. From artists to executives to entrepreneurs, everyone can positively impact their career trajectory by learning how to design a great website that showcases what they have to offer. Today, students in high school will be far better equipped to succeed if they have a good foundation in web design, no matter what career path they choose after graduating. A solid high school web design curriculum is where it starts.

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Teaching Web Design to High-School Students Made Easy

The best practices and technologies for web design are constantly evolving and changing, which can pose a challenge to high school instructors teaching web design courses. It is crucial for teachers to be provided with updated course materials developed by industry professionals to ensure that students learn the newest, most relevant information. Teachers who do not have recent industry experience and are equipped with outdated course materials that have not been vetted by experts may find themselves struggling to answer students’ questions and teach the best digital strategies.

Our digital marketing teacher manuals for high schools are written with teachers’ needs in mind. Lesson plans, quizzes, answer keys and projects are all built into Mujo’s Web Design teacher manual. Crafted by seasoned industry experts with over 25 years of experience, our high-school edition Website Design manual goes well beyond a simple instructional guide. It serves as a comprehensive web design course, delving into the top website development platforms, with a primary focus on WordPress for website design and WooCommerce for e-commerce ventures.

The Web Design textbook and accompanying coursework elevate students’ knowledge by imparting fundamental insights into the inner workings of websites, the array of platform options at their disposal, and the latest industry best practices. The manual also underscores the increasing significance of technology choices in achieving creative flexibility and design efficiency.

Teachers get everything they need, from assignments and quizzes to discussion prompts and detailed lesson plans. This empowers instructors to effectively teach high school web design courses without spending a large amount of extra time on lesson prep – simply follow along and use the multitude of resources provided! Teachers can also rest assured knowing that the materials they are teaching are up to date and created by web design professionals who understand industry trends and practical applications. Additionally, Mujo provides a complimentary hosted platform, establishing a solid base for this integrated learning system.

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Teaching Web Design to High-School Students Made Easy

High school students benefit from courses that provide engaging, hands-on learning presented in manageable, easy-to-digest steps. With Mujo Learning System’s Web Design curriculum, students will get the opportunity to learn about various web design software platforms, strategies, and implement best practices on a website that they build themselves throughout the course. Each lesson contains hands-on activities, concrete, real-world examples, and discussion prompts designed to get students thinking creatively and strategically about web design with a focus on WordPress and WooCommerce.

Through Mujo’s high-school web design curriculum, each student not only gains a foundational understanding of analytics and content management systems (CMS) but also acquires practical experience in constructing fully functional websites from scratch. Students will gain experience with both e-commerce and non-ecommerce web design, which require different strategic approaches and technical knowledge.

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Mujo’s Web Design Course Books for High School

Mujo’s high-school web design textbook has been meticulously crafted with the needs of educators, career and technical education (CTE) directors, and school administrators in mind. Our one-of-a-kind teacher training and progress tracking cloud platform complements our content seamlessly.

The web design textbook is developed alongside highly skilled industry experts currently active in their respective fields. Their practical insights are invaluable in captivating your students, guiding them toward successful graduation, and enabling them to secure fulfilling employment promptly. A good foundation in website design skills facilitates career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities in the future. With our web design course book, you get access to instructional material suitable for both online and in-class teaching environments.

Discover the Mujo Advantage today! Our web design textbook is meticulously crafted by industry experts who are at the forefront of their fields. Their invaluable practical insights will not only captivate your students, but also pave their path to a successful and fulfilling career. Building a strong foundation in website design skills isn’t just about learning; it’s about unlocking endless opportunities for career growth and entrepreneurial success. With our web design course book, you gain exclusive access to instructional materials tailored for both online and in-class teaching environments. Seize the opportunity to empower your students with skills that open doors to a brighter future. Click the buttons below to order our High School Student Edition or Web Design Teachers’ Manual now!

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