Pay Per Click Advertising Textbook

Pay Per Click Advertising Textbook

Students Gain Theory and Practical Understanding of How to Set Up, Create and Implement Paid Campaigns On The Top Online Advertising Platforms.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Teacher Manual and Student Textbook takes students into truly understanding the 21st century phenomenon of online advertising. Advertising online has changed the way we get informed, research, and purchase our good and services.

All businesses know the importance of being a part of this online network, and as such, need people who know how to use the online advertising channels to their best advantage.

In addition to our teacher manuals that provide minute-by-minute lesson plans and handy post it notes built right into the textbook, we provide a slick online teacher training online platform that makes it easy for instructors to deliver the social media marketing strategies content.

We have hundreds of instructor tutorial videos, chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint decks, and supplemental material that will give you the flexibility to run your class between 40-50 hours in length.

After completing this textbook, students will be well-versed in how to use the most popular platform(s) and how to best utilize the features and advertising offered by each one. This knowledge will enable students to gain job-ready skills to reach their target audience and achieve their online advertising goals for the company that hires them.

Introduction to PPCA

  • What is PPCA
  • Pay-Per-Click Benefits and Risks 
  • Planning a Campaign 

Connect to your Audience

  • Personas
  • Business
  • Advertising

Research and Choose Ad Groups

  • Key phrases
  • Research
  • Ad Groups

Choose Best Platforms

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Other Platforms

Optimize Campaigns

  • Watch Results
  • Edit Campaigns
  • Tweek Landing Pages

PPCA Landing Pages

  • Refine Content
  • Improve UX
  • Convert Goals

Manage Programmatic Advertising

  • Review Results
  • Tweek Platforms
  • Improve ROI

Manage Spending

  • Monitor CPA
  • Review Seasonality Calendar
  • Manage Spend

Analytics and Maintenance

  • Google
  • Semrush
  • Consolidate Reporting

Teacher Training Cloud

  • Our Soft-Copy Printed or Digital Teacher Manuals are identical versions of our student text books with the same look and feel and come with a built-in overlay of:
    • Minute-by-minute lesson plans
    • Convenient post-it notes throughout the content to give the instructor more guidance
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes with answer keys
    • Midterms and final exams


  • Our Teacher Training Cloud Platform provides:
    • Chapter-by-chapter instructional video tutorials
    • Individual chapter PowerPoints
    • Supplemental content to extend the hours of your course
    • Certificate of instructor completion
    • Digital midterm and final exams
    • Learn more about our teacher training cloud here

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