Textbook Titles With Complete Digital Marketing Curriculum

Mujo's Turnkey Digital Marketing Textbooks and Curriculum


Written by current professionals in the digital marketing world, your institution and students will have access to the latest in digital marketing techniques. Each textbook is designed with educators in mind. Comprehensive lesson plans and sample questions make it the perfect resource to supplement your lectures.

This curriculum introduces students to the current best practices and foundation of digital marketing and branding. In addition, students will also learn the best tools to properly navigate SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and much more.

Focusing on the WordPress platform, this curriculum teaches website design & ment through advancing students' knowledge with hands-on experience while learning how websites actually work through by building one from scratch.

This curriculum covers all social media platforms, and how marketers can incorporate them in digital strategies. We break down the three ways to use social media allowing for better-designed campaigns that generate more leads.

This curriculum is written for both marketing students and professionals. Mujo’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) textbook is an guide to current industry best practices, creating and optimizing on-page and off-page content.

Reading online is very different from reading print. Even strong writers must master how to write content for the internet. Students will learn how to create optimized content, video story boarding, scripting, and content promotion.

This curriculum takes an in-depth look at analytics, CRM integration, lead management, and conversions. Generating traffic from a website is crucial, but converting traffic into clients and sales is the goal of this course.

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