Teacher Reviews and Testimonials

Mujo Teacher Reviews and Testimonials

Satisfied CEO's, Curriculum Directors and Teachers,

Johanna B
Johanna B
19:05 15 Feb 21
These guys are great! Super helpful and accommodating. I just ordered books for a class and they potentially were not... going to arrive on time so they provided me with a temporary passcode for online books to make sure I would have all the materials I needed for the start of class. Thank you!!!read more
Patrick Dang
Patrick Dang
21:16 13 Jun 20
Highly evolved platform designed to be updated continuously keeping theory, technology and day to day applications... relevant in an ever changing environment. Mujo is years ahead of other providers delivering a well developed curriculum that learners will apply immediately and be current.read more
Grace Pyo
Grace Pyo
18:41 25 May 20
Mujo's student and instructor resources are current, concise and easy to follow. There are clear and achievable... learning objectives. Great supplemental resources which accompany an already well thought out base of content. I highly recommend this suite of resources.read more
Emma Hatfield
Emma Hatfield
23:02 06 May 20
As an educational consultant, I look for textbooks that do more than just list information. I love how Mujo’s... curriculum is designed to teach background knowledge while building practical skills that can be used right away. After reviewing the course materials, I was able to make immediate changes to my website that improved its effectiveness and ranking.read more
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee
22:16 10 Jan 20
Mujo's Digital Marketing textbooks have helped me learn further on why Digital Marketing is important for a company . I... strongly recommend it to anyone who'd like to learn about Digital Marketing.read more
Shelby Petersen
Shelby Petersen
17:20 18 Sep 17
Digital Marketing seems to be changing on a daily basis and I've always found it hard to keep up. Mujo textbooks helped... me stay ahead of the fold and amp up my business' web design strategy. Now I not only get more leads through the website, the leads are more qualified which cuts the leg work of the sales process down significantly. I'm very happy overall and I plan on getting the Social Media Marketing Strategies book next.read more
Brittni Brice
Brittni Brice
23:11 15 Sep 17
Mujo's "Social Media Marketing Strategies" textbook let me take my business social media skills to the next level. I... was really able to understand how the current social media platforms can help my event management company achieve online success as part of its marketing plan. I would highly recommend the Mujo textbooks to anyone looking to learn the current digital marketing best practises.read more
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Since 2015, I have worked with Mujo Learning Systems to digital marketing curriculum for our college. They have delivered courseware that engages students with its hands-on activities, and case studies. Our instructors are also secure in the knowledge that they are teaching current industry concepts and skills that are used by seasoned professionals daily. We are pleased that our students will be graduating with job-ready knowledge that will help them to find rewarding careers in this high-demand field. Sprott Shaw is looking to put through 600 students or more per year using this program. I am happy to recommend Mujo’s publications to any post-secondary institution that is looking for digital marketing resources.

Ken Thompson

Program Director | Sprott Shaw College
I had the opportunity this last quarter to introduce three new courses to my business students. The courses from Mujo were Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Strategic Web Design, and Social Media Marketing Strategies. I found the courses easy to teach, as the material was well put together, the content was rich in practical examples and links to current video and websites, relevant to the courses. The PowerPoint presentations are excellent in that they contain links that can be used to take you right the website or video. Overall, I would recommend this course of instruction, as it is very relevant to a modern business environment. One of my students was offered a job based on the fact that she had built a website as part of the course.

Kent Prestage

Reeves College
As one of Canada's premier career-training providers, we offer solid, market-driven programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are in-demand by the leading employers. CDI College focuses on art and design, business, dental, early childhood education, healthcare, legal studies, and technology programs. We change lives through education. The courseware from Mujo was easy-to-use and had helpful activities that engaged my students with the material, giving them the hands-on approach they are used to. The courseware helped me cut down on my prep time before each class. The students were excited to try every course and loved that there was an accompanying YouTube playlist that was constantly being updated for them to view specific ads or videos offered by Mujo. The step-by-step guides for each activity meant that students could easily follow along and do the activities with me or with a substitute teacher if need be. So far, we have taught over 35 students at two campuses. Approximately 20 students are using the skills and knowledge they have gained from the Mujo Courseware in their careers, specifically, the knowledge gained from Social Media Strategies and Digital Marketing Fundamentals, both of which are also briefly touched on in our Marketing Course. I am really glad we can also go into depth on these topics with our students, so they can gain a complete understanding of the marketing world and give each student a competitive edge in the workforce.

Alexander Yates

CDI College
We were looking for new marketing material when Mujo called. I have not seen such a well written and comprehensive program. It has lots of activities to engage students and the courseware is very current and up-to-date. I love the fact that as new concepts become available my courseware will be automatically updated. I also like the ability to have it in digital or paperback. The paperback copy is solid and easy to read. Cypress College is proud to have Mujo Learning Systems as our digital marketing curriculum provider. Looking forward to a long and happy relationship. I highly recommend Mujo, their courseware and customer service are top shelf.

Tamra Schnyder

Academic Manager | Cypress College
Mujo Learning Systems has provided credible and reliable information using practical examples to illustrates main points in the curriculum provided. With easy to understand terminology to explain social media concepts in ways to reach all learners irrespective of cultural backgrounds, the professional support that Mujo Learning Systems provides has made the connectivity to our educational platform seamless. Mujo Learning Systems provide meaningful content as it relates to digital strategies as-well. Sprott Shaw College – Maple Ridge Campus has been extremely pleased with Mujo Learning Systems in-depth knowledge of the digital space to which our graduates will be working in. Students have been appreciative of the knowledge they have been able to ascertain with the curriculum provided. With the support Mujo Learning Systems have given our campus and the curriculum provided, without reservation I recommend this platform for any educational institution.

Robert Thornton

Director | SSC - MRG