About Mujo Learning Systems

Mujo Learning Systems


To lead, educate, and inspire, people and businesses, by empowering them with the most current, relevant, and engaging digital marketing content that can be experienced anytime, anywhere, on any device.


To help you advance your student’s career pathways, land high paying jobs, or start their own businesses by providing content, processes, and tools, that professionals are using in the field today.


  • Mujo was born in 2014 under the leadership of our President, CEO and Lead Author, Shawn Moore.
  • With 25 years of industry experience, Shawn has educated companies through his digital marketing agency, on websites, seo and digital marketing strategies implementation.
  • Those implementations have resulted in over a Billion dollars for his clients.
  • Mujo is an independent publisher of comprehensive digital marketing curriculum.
  • We provide a comprehensive library of teacher manuals, and student textbooks.
  • Our content Includes an instructional teacher training cloud and much more.


For over 25 years our President and CEO Shawn Moore was frustrated with hiring students fresh out of college and university to work for his digital marketing agency thinkprofits.com. He was frustrated because they arrived with shiny new certificates and diplomas but all of them had to be retrained because they were taught using out of date content, and technology often from 2-3 years ago. Digital Marketing changes so rapidly, Shawn saw an opportunity in building a solution for this problem.

In 2014, Mujo Learning Systems Inc was born. It began creating digital marketing textbooks, teacher manuals, syllabus, exams and teacher training cloud under the leadership of our President and CEO Shawn Moore and his partner Adam Wilkins.

The Vancouver-based publishing company also partnered with Think Profits.com Inc., Shawn's established digital marketing agency, to imbue its textbooks with the industry best practices and job ready, practical skills. The agency has been an industry leader for more than two decades, and all insights its professionals have shared are used daily to help their clients achieve their business goals. These processes are baked in to Mujo textbooks.

In addition, Mujo conducted extensive research, interviewed business leaders, created audiovisual materials, and more during the curriculum development process. Feedback from students and instructors was also key when it came to refining both the content and lesson planning elements of the publications.

After 2 years in production, the first textbooks with full curriculum were launched in April of 2016  through BC’s largest college, Sprott Shaw.

By the end of 2019, Mujo had released fully developed curriculum, textbooks and teacher training cloud with five titles: Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Strategic Web Design, Social Media Marketing Strategies, Writing Digital Media Content, and SEO-Search Engine Optimization.

Our Turnkey Digital Marketing Curriculum and textbooks focus on a range of industry hot topics including: digital marketing fundamentals, writing digital media content, seo, pay per click , big data analytics, website and e-commerce development, social media and crm marketing automation.

Our curriculum, and digital marketing textbooks are currently being used by Colleges, Universities and High Schools, in the United States, Canada and around the globe. Mujo regularly updates its content and teacher training cloud to ensure that the latest innovations in the digital marketing field are reflected in all of our teaching materials.

Mujo released 2 new titles in 2021-2022, CRM Marketing Automation and Pay Per Click Advertising and has 4 other titles in production planning on this important subject, so stay tuned for more additions to our offerings.

I'm confident that the content in our turnkey digital marketing curriculum, textbooks and teacher training platform along with my agency’s real world experience of the digital marketing landscape, we will help students gain high paying jobs and help instructors stay current with best practices, and schools save valuable curriculum development and new course offering time and expense.

— Shawn Moore, Founder