Digital Marketing Textbook Publisher

Digital Marketing Textbook Publisher


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Mujo is the leading Digital Marketing Textbook Publisher

Digital marketing is an evolving and growing industry. Mujo is the leading digital marketing textbook publisher. Our textbooks are available as both softcover versions and electronic versions.

Our textbooks are written and edited by professionals currently working in digital marketing so students and institutions will have access to the latest in digital marketing techniques.

Mujo has partnered with Think Inc., an established digital marketing agency, to share its course books with the best industry practices. The agency has been an industry leader for more than two decades, and all insights its professionals have shared are used daily to help clients achieve their goals.

Here is a selection of some courses offered by Mujo:

  • Social media marketing strategies and analytics
  • Lead conversion and management
  • Marketing budgets and ROI
  • Website development


Since 2014, Mujo Learning Systems Inc. has been ing digital marketing courseware and electronic content in partnership with Think Inc, an established digital marketing agency that has been an industry leader for more than two decades.

Mujo’s curriculum development process included conducting extensive research, interviewing business leaders and creating audiovisual materials.
Feedback from students and instructors were also key to refining the content and lesson planning elements of each publication.

Mujo’s first book and course were launched in April of 2016 through BC’s largest college Sprott Shaw.

By the end of 2019, Mujo had released textbooks: Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Strategic Web Design, Social Media Marketing Strategies, Search Engine Optimization and Writing For The Web - Content Development with more set to launch in 2020-2021.

All textbooks are currently being taught at post-secondary institutions in Canada with colleges, universities and high schools in the United States.


Mujo’s Digital Marketing textbooks for instructors and schools offer a comprehensive curriculum for the subject of digital marketing.

Each course has been written to take between 40 - 60 hours to complete.
Comprehensive lesson plans and sample questions make it the perfect resource to supplement lectures.

Mujo’s best digital marketing textbooks and electronic content offer readers insights into successful as well as unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

In our digital marketing case studies, we present examples that people can learn from. Winning campaigns teach us what strategies work. Failed ones demonstrate which ones don’t.

In the Mujo teacher training online platform course-ware, discussion questions and activities are built around these digital marketing case studies so learners analyze them in depth. This kind of analysis often yields innovative digital marketing ideas and teaches readers which digital marketing techniques are effective

Digital Marketing Publisher

We offer books that teach you or your students an introduction to digital marketing including:

  • Branding & Target Market Research
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Domain name marketing
  • SEO & PPC Best Practices

For more advanced learners, we also have publications that focus on:

  • Social media marketing strategies and analytics
  • Lead conversion and management
  • Marketing budgets and ROI
  • Website development

Mujo Offers the Best Digital Marketing Textbook and Courses for Schools

Mujo’s textbook and electronic content are for schools and instructors who want to provide their students with the most comprehensive and up to date digital marketing course.

Mujo Learning systems was created by industry professionals so that instructors, students, and businesses will have access to the most current and relevant coursework.

Digital marketing changes almost monthly; the technology we have in place allows us to update our digital marketing textbooks so instructors can keep updated on the latest tools and trends in the industry.

Our courses are designed to be customized as needed.

The authors are also available for lectures. We would be happy to entertain invitations to speak to students about digital marketing strategies.

You want your students to graduate with all the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. As the leading digital marketing textbook publisher, Mujo provides your students with knowledge and skills from industry professionals so they will succeed in the workplace.

Contact Mujo today and we’ll help prepare your students to be job-ready for their exciting career path.

Each textbook is designed with educators in mind. Each course comes with:

  • Hourly running orders
  • Helpful videos
  • Case Studies
  • Discussion questions, brainstorming activities and other tasks that will challenge students to be creative and critical
  • Midterm exams and assignments within the text
  • Teacher’s notes, answer keys, PowerPoint slides, links to online examples and resources for teachers.

Mujo Will Reduce Your Instructor’s Prep Time

So much of a teacher’s time is spent preparing informative and engaging lessons for students. That involves looking for current articles about the industry, developing activities, and creating tests and projects.

Less prep time can give you more time with your students, and allow you to give them more feedback on their assignments and tests. Our digital marketing textbook is the answer to the prayers of overworked instructors who are looking for:

  • Regularly updated content about the digital marketing industry
  • Activities for individual, pair, group, and whole-class learning
  • Activities for individual, pair, group, and whole-class learning
  • Creative and instructive projects and assignments on various topics

Why Mujo?

What makes Mujo unique is that our courseware contains content written by industry insiders who know where the avenues for success are in digital marketing for business. This curriculum helps students and new graduates find career success in the digital marketing field

These insiders know what you need to know to succeed and we’ve ensured that all the winning digital marketing techniques and tips are included in our material.

Our publications are also regularly updated to include recent developments and innovations in the field. We regularly review our recommended practices and ensure that everything we suggest to readers is still relevant and accurate as the industry evolves.

Mujo’s textbook will keep your students current and well-equipped with the skills employers are looking for.

As the leading digital marketing textbook publisher, Mujo’s textbooks are the best marketing textbook available today in both softcover and electronic versions.