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Digital Marketing Curriculum for High School

Turnkey Digital Marketing Curriculum

“CTE Directors and High School Teachers, prepare students for the digital marketing and technology future with Mujo’s specialized curriculum. Designed for grades 10 to 12, it offers over 500 hours of experiential learning in a technology-rich environment, bridging the gap between theory and practical application. Add engaging electives, bolster entrepreneurship programs, or amplify dual enrollment partnerships. Mujo’s content equips students with vital skills and knowledge for continuing their education or inspiring them to get over the graduation finish line.” – Shawn Moore, President & CEO.

Preparing Students to Continue Their Education Path or Enter the Workforce

Gainful Employment

Our curriculum empowers students to fulfil their educational aspirations, pursue their entrepreneurial pathway, and prepare themselves for immediate job openings in the digital marketing industry. We also hear often from teachers that our content has really helped them get their high school students over the graduation line by offering them a popular topic of interest that they are inspired to work with.

Gainful Employment in the Following Pathways

Teacher Resource Cloud and Courseware

Mujo’s Teacher Resource Cloud allows you to access all your resources in one place. This includes access to:

These resources make implementing this curriculum quick and easy while allowing customization to meet your needs.

Up-to-date Content

Our content is regularly reviewed and updated by subject matter experts and professionals working in the field of digital marketing today. This means that students are receiving up-to-date insights and best practices to prepare them for a successful career in the digital marketing industry.

Continually Updated Textbooks

Continually Updated Digital Marketing Textbooks for High School

With Up-to-date Resources and Courseware

With Up-to-date Resources on All Devices

Hands-on Projects

Our projects and activities give students practical hands-on experience working with authentic platforms, rather than simulations.

Hands-on projects with Canva
Hands-on projects with mobile apps
Hands-on projects with WordPress

Experiential Learning

Mujo embraces the full scope of digital marketing tools and platforms, giving students the practical experience they need to start their career.

A Focus on Experiential Learning by Embracing the Scope of Digital Marketing


Students can access books and other content on any device. Our content is optimized for screen readers to improve its accessibility for visually impaired students.

Full LMS Integration

Our LMS integration resources allow students to seamlessly access course materials, track progress, and engage in interactive learning activities.

LMS integration with canvas
LMS integration with moodle
LMS integration with Blackboard
LMS integration with brightspace
LMS integration with schoology

Popular Adoption - 3 Course CTA Digital Marketing Full Pathway

Mujo’s Popular Adoption Is Ideal for the CTA 3 Course Digital Marketing Pathway.

This bundle includes:

  • 3 textbooks
    • Foundations of Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Online Marketing Fundamentals
  • Teacher Cloud and Courseware for each title that includes:
    • Powerpoint Slides
    • Exams
    • Videos
    • Lesson Plans
    • Self-Grading Evaluation tools
    • Assignments
    • Hands-On Projects
    • Learning outcomes

These resources make implementing this curriculum quick and easy while allowing customization to meet your needs.

Our Textbook Lineup

Explore our diverse range of textbooks to find the courses that align with your syllabus. Once you find a textbook that piques your interest, simply request an examination copy or a copy of our learning outcomes.

Quick and Easy Implementation

With our turnkey solution, setting up a course can be accomplished in minutes. We provide instructors with lesson plans, presentation slides, and detailed notes for delivering lessons and guiding students through activities. Our content is developed with and reviewed by industry experts, meaning instructors do not need to be digital marketing experts to provide students high quality digital marketing education.

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