Writing For The Web Textbook

 Writing For The Web Digital Textbook

Content is King! Students Learn the Unique Writing Styles Required Across Online Platforms and Websites for Jobs in Content Development and The Digital Marketing Industry

Our Writing for the Web Content Development Textbook title is a well-rounded and detailed approach to demonstrating the very distinct differences writers need to understand in order to develop and take their writing skills to the web, social media, blogging, YouTube, and email marketing and more.
Reading and writing online is very different from print. Even strong writers must master how to write content for the internet.
Students will learn how to create optimized content for websites, blogs, social media and include video storyboarding, scripting, and content promotion.

In addition to our teacher manuals, that provide minute-by-minute lesson plans and handy post it notes built right into the textbook, we provide a slick online teacher training online platform that makes it easy for instructors to deliver the writing for the web content. We have hundreds of instructor tutorial videos, chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint decks, and supplemental material that will give you the flexibility to run your class between 40-50 hours in length.
Students will learn all about character limitations in social platforms, writing hook emails, blog posting for building value and traffic to a website, the differences between a regular web page and a landing page on a website, and much more.

Writing Principles for the Web

  • Understanding your reader
  • Transitional words and phrases
  • Speaking your readers language

Before and After You Write

  • Pinpointing goals
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Tone

How to Write Copy That Converts

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Yoast Writing and Rich Snippets
  • Writing Workshop

Web Content Part 1

  • Pay per click ad pages
  • SEO landing pages
  • Infographics

Web Content 2

  • Press releases
  • E-newsletters
  • Wikipedia

Video Script Writing

  • Story-boarding
  • YouTube content editing
  • White paper writing

Promoting Your Content

  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Stories

Writing for the Web Textbook  covers everything in the tree and more, helping traditional writers to branch out into content developers online. Understanding how headlines work in an advertisement through Facebook versus on an email campaign, blog post, or web-page can be a very challenging and sometimes daunting task for a traditional writer. Learning the ins and outs of industry staff writers who work in digital media today make this one of our best textbooks to help students break into the digital marketing space. Content is king!

Teacher Training Cloud Courseware


  • Our Soft-Copy Printed or Digital Teacher Manuals are identical versions of our student textbooks with the same look and feel and come with a built-in overlay of:
    • Minute-by-minute lesson plans
    • Convenient post-it notes throughout the content to give the instructor more guidance
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes with answer keys
    • Midterms and final exams


  • Our Teacher Training Cloud Platform provides:
    • Chapter-by-chapter instructional video tutorials
    • Individual chapter PowerPoints
    • Supplemental content to extend the hours of your course
    • Certificate of instructor completion
    • Digital midterm and final exams
    • Learn more about our teacher training cloud here

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