Writing Digital Media Content Textbook For Higher Education Students



This Writing Digital Media Content student textbook offers a comprehensive curriculum for higher education students, providing insights into the unique challenges and techniques involved in writing for the digital media environment. Written by industry professionals, this textbook explores the collaborative process of creating compelling copy, including brainstorming, drafting, and editing. Students will learn how to tailor content for various web purposes, including blogs, web pages, landing pages, PPC advertising, and more. With a focus on optimization and capturing the target audience’s attention, this curriculum delves into strategies for maintaining engagement until conversion. It also covers writing for major platforms, such as white papers, e-newsletters, and emails, while addressing the nuances of video storyboarding, scripting, and content promotion. By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of writing for digital media and the skills to produce effective and engaging content.

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Book Format

Electronic – Vital Source, Soft Copy Printed

Table of Contents

Ch 1 Writing Principles for Digital Media
Ch 2 Strategic Content Structure
Ch 3 Digital Media Writing and Collaboration
Ch 4 Write for Websites and SEO
Ch 5 Write for Online Advertising
Ch 6 Write for Email Marketing
Ch 7 Write for Web Video and Social Media
Ch 8 Cross-channel Continuity

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