Social Media Marketing Resource Cloud, Teacher e-Manual, and Courseware For High School


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Mujo’s teacher resource cloud offers a range of additional content. This package includes everything you need, electronic teacher manual, tests, learning outcomes, and PowerPoint presentations, student engagement videos, minute-by-minute lesson plans, and hours of supplemental materials. With our teacher resources cloud, educators can effortlessly follow our lesson plans, dedicating just a few minutes the day before class to ensure a successful course delivery.

Important Instructions:

Licensing Requirement:

    • Standard Policy: Our licensing agreement mandates that you purchase one book for each student in your class.
    • Exception for Equity and Inclusion Schools: Schools classified as ‘equity and inclusion’ with limited or no funding may qualify for a “temporary” exemption from this requirement. Although not the preferred method for optimal student learning, these schools have the option to purchase the teacher resource cloud along with the teacher manual as an alternative to individual student books. Note: Printed teacher manuals are available for an additional $199 plus taxes.

Fulfillment Details:

How to Request for Equity and Inclusion Schools:

    • Placing Your Order: When ordering this teacher resource cloud and courseware “add” the corresponding teacher manual to your cart, please indicate during the checkout process under “Notes”  that you are representing a school with limited or no funding.
    • Order Review and Approval Process:
      1. Eligibility Confirmation: After placing your order, we will conduct a review to verify if your school qualifies for the equity and inclusion exception.
      2. Approval and Order Processing: If your school meets the eligibility criteria, your order will be approved and processed automatically.
      3. Non-Approval and Cancellation: In cases where your request is not approved, we will notify you promptly. Following this, your invoice will be cancelled, and any charges that were made will be immediately reversed.


  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Customized Tests and Final Exams
  • Automated Grading
  • Student Engagement Videos
  • Minute by Minute Lesson Plans
  • Self-Grading Evaluation tools
  • Assignments
  • Answer Keys
  • Hands-On Projects
  • Learning Outcomes / Syllabus
  • Hours of Supplemental Content
  • Lectures
  • Accessibility / Audio books
  • LMS integration
  • SCORM packages

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