Teaching Social Media Marketing


How to Teach Social Media with Mujo’s Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media has changed the way people communicate, get information, shop and do business forever.

Mujo’s Social Media Marketing Strategies will provide you with everything you need on how to teach social media.

Mujo is the leading digital marketing textbook publisher. Our textbooks are available as both softcover versions and electronic versions.

Our textbooks are developed by professionals currently working in digital marketing so students and institutions will have access to the latest in digital marketing techniques.

Mujo has partnered with Think Profits.com Inc., an established digital marketing agency, to share its course books with the best industry practices. The agency has been an industry leader for more than two decades, and all insights its professionals have shared are used daily to help clients achieve their goals.

Mujo regularly updates its courseware to ensure that the latest innovations in the digital marketing field are reflected in the materials.

Why Social Media is Important

Mujo’s Social Media Marketing Strategies course will teach students to be well-versed in how to use the right social media platform(s) and how to best utilize the features offered by each platform. This knowledge will enable them to help corporations to reach their target audience and achieve their goals.

After readers learn the fundamentals of social media governing strategy in chapter one, subsequent chapters focus on the following aspects of the most popular social media channels:

  • The channel’s history
  • The user's experience
  • The business' experience
  • Advertising
  • Running a targeted campaign
  • Analytics

Seven channels are examined in-depth: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, and Pinterest.

Informative case studies of social media marketing campaign successes and failures serve as examples of the different ways businesses have utilized various channels.

Companies like Starbucks, Fruit of the Loom, and C&A show how well social media can work to achieve objectives.

Social media fails by other large corporations act as invaluable cautionary tales to those in the digital marketing industry.

Mujo’s Textbooks Teaches the Latest Digital Marketing Techniques

Mujo’s textbook and course are for schools and instructors who want to provide their students with the most comprehensive and up to date digital marketing course.

Social media is only part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Mujo’s digital marketing textbooks and courses will guide you on teach how to teach your students to use social media in parallel with other channels used in digital marketing.

Digital marketing changes almost monthly; the technology we have in place allows us to update our online marketing textbooks so instructors can keep updated on the latest tools and trend in the industry.

Each textbook is designed with educators in mind. Each course comes with:

Each textbook is designed with educators in mind and can be customized as needed. Each course comes with:

  • Case studies
  • Hourly running orders
  • Helpful videos
  • Discussion questions, brainstorming activities and other tasks that will challenge students to be creative and critical
  • Teacher’s notes, answer keys, PowerPoint slides, links to online examples and resources for teachers
  • Midterm exams and assignments within the text

Our courses are designed to be customized as needed.

The authors are also available for lectures. We would be happy to entertain invitations to speak to students about digital marketing strategies.

Our vision is to lead, inform and inspire people and businesses by empowering them with the most current, relevant and engaging educational content they can experience anytime, anywhere. Mujo provides your students with the knowledge and skills from industry professionals to succeed in the workplace.

Reduce Your Instructor’s Prep Time with Mujo

Instructors want to offer the best lessons for their students but so much of a teacher’s time is spent preparing informative and engaging lessons that involves looking for current articles about the industry, developing activities, and creating tests and projects.

Mujo reduces instructor’s prep time by providing everything you need for a comprehensive lesson and course. Less prep time can give you more time with your students, and allow you to give them more feedback on their assignments and tests.

Our digital marketing textbook is the answer to the prayers of overworked instructors who are looking for:

  • Regularly updated content about the digital marketing industry
  • Activities for individual, pair, group, and whole-class learning
  • Challenging tests with answer keys
  • Creative and instructive projects and assignments on various topics

Why You Need Mujo’s Courseware and Textbooks

What makes Mujo unique is that our courseware contains content written by industry insiders who know where the avenues for success are in digital marketing for business. This curriculum helps students and new graduates find career success in the digital marketing field.

Our publications are also regularly updated to include recent developments and innovations in the field. We regularly review our recommended practices and ensure that everything we suggest to readers is still relevant and accurate as the industry evolves.

What also makes Mujo one of the best digital marketing courseware and textbook publishes is how we developed our curriculum. Our curriculum development process included conducting extensive research, interviewing business leaders and creating audiovisual material.

Mujo has been developing digital marketing courseware and electronic content since 2014.

Mujo’s first book and course were launched in April of 2016 through BC’s largest college Sprott Shaw.

By the end of 2016, Mujo had already released three course books: Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Strategic Web Design, and Social Media Marketing Strategies with more set to launch in 2018.

All textbooks are currently being taught at post-secondary institutions in Canada and the United States.

As the leading digital marketing textbook publisher, Mujo’s textbooks are the best marketing textbook available today.