CRM Marketing Automation Curriculum

CRM Marketing Automation Curriculum

Using CRM's to manage contacts and relationships is otherwise known as big data. Understanding the most common CRM platforms and then how to turn them into marketing automation machines is the foundation of this textbook. Our CRM marketing automation textbook and teacher's manual takes an in-depth look at the top CRM platforms. We will then drill down on the top 3 using their integration into websites, marketing automation, sales and lead management. Students will learn how to set up, integrate and maintain both a CRM and email marketing automation platforms for a business.

What is CRM and Marketing Automation?

  • What is CRM
  • What is Marketing Automation
  • Why use CRM and Marketing Automation together

The Audience

  • A deeper dive
  • Customer goals and journeys
  • From people to personas

Understanding Prospects

  • Integrate landing pages / forms
  • Examine website activity in CRM
  • Automate gathering prospect data

CRM Profile Management

  • Profile management
  • Segmentation and tagging
  • Setting up workflows and lead scoring

Email Automation

  • Customizing vs automation
  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • legal responsibilities

Website Automation

  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Why personalize webpages
  • Live and automated chat

Social Media Automation

  • Social listening
  • Social sharing
  • Social automation campaigns

Reporting and Analytics

  • Understanding automation analytics
  • Understanding email analytics
  • Compiling reporting summaries