CRM Marketing Automation Teacher Manual For Higher Education

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The Customer Relationship Management & Marketing Automation student textbook offers a comprehensive curriculum for digital marketing students, focusing on the importance of personalization and managing customer expectations in the digital landscape. It explores how CRM and marketing automation technologies can seamlessly integrate across a business’s website, email, and social media to enhance customer interactions. With a responsible and effective approach, students will learn how to leverage these technologies to increase engagement and drive positive customer experiences. The curriculum also delves into key areas such as analytics, CRM, lead management, and conversion, emphasizing the significance of data in managing and growing a business. Students will gain a solid foundation in setting up systems that track and convert sales, ultimately helping businesses to generate traffic, acquire clients, and increase sales.

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Table of Contents

Ch 1 What, Why, Which and Whoa! of CRM Marketing Automation
Ch 2 Audience
Ch 3 Understanding Prospects
Ch 4 CRM Profile Management
Ch 5 Email Automation
Ch 6 Website Automation
Ch 7 Social Media Automation
Ch 8 Reporting and Analytics
Learning Outcomes are available upon request

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