Digital Marketing Fundamentals Textbook

 Digital Marketing Fundamentals Digital Textbook

Students Build a Strong Foundation and Understanding of Digital Marketing Methods and Steps

for Student Job Success

Our Digital Marketing Fundamentals Digital Textbook title is a good place to start laying the foundations with your curriculum. Gaining a core understanding of the basic knowledge base in the industry to go on to our other content and improve comprehension.

In addition to our teacher manuals that provide minute-by-minute lesson plans and handy post it notes built right into the textbook, we provide a slick online teacher training online platform that makes it easy for instructors to deliver the digital marketing fundamentals content. We have hundreds of instructor tutorial videos, chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint decks, and supplemental material that will give you the flexibility to run your class between 40-50 hours in length.

While each title of our content can be a great starting point for any course offering that you may be putting together, our digital marketing fundamentals is not a requirement. Having said that, many of our customers do start here because it's an excellent introduction for students and aspiring digital marketing professionals who want to learn about key baseline industry language comprehension and an overview of project planning methods used in this exciting industry including:

The Importance of Branding

  • How it impacts marketing strategy
  • Its visual components
  • Touchpoints

Audience and Reach

  • Demographics
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to reach customers at different stages in the sales cycle

Goals and Analytics

  • Why goals are important
  • Offline vs. online goals
  • How to utilize analytics

Domain Names

  • How to create a memorable domain
  • How to work in a keyword
  • Effective domain marketing

Keyword Research

  • How to write powerful content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

Online Marketing

  • How to succeed with social media marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Interruption vs. permission marketing

Email Marketing

  • Effective marketing emails
  • Subscription lists
  • Email marketing analytics

Resource Allocation

  • Overview of marketing expense
  • Resource selection
  • Budget allocation

Digital Marketing Fundamentals  covers all this and more, but it doesn’t just present and define terminology. Instead, DMF demonstrates how these concepts are integral to the best practices that are at work within the digital marketing industry every day. The teacher edition and training platform of this digital textbook also incorporates communicative activities, projects, and assessment tools that will help students, teachers, and professionals alike to gauge their progress and comprehension of the materials.

Teacher Training Cloud Courseware

  • Our Soft-Copy Printed or Digital Teacher Manuals are identical versions of our student textbooks with the same look and feel and come with a built-in overlay of:
    • Minute-by-minute lesson plans
    • Convenient post-it notes throughout the content to give the instructor more guidance
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes with answer keys
    • Midterms and final exams


  • Our Teacher Training Cloud Platform provides:
    • Chapter-by-chapter instructional video tutorials
    • Individual chapter PowerPoints
    • Supplemental content to extend the hours of your course
    • Certificate of instructor completion
    • Digital midterm and final exams
    • Learn more about our teacher training cloud here

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