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Wondering how to put together the best digital marketing fundamentals course? Teachers offering digital marketing classes sometimes struggle with engaging students and imbuing them with the skills they need to thrive in a digital marketing career. Here’s what the best digital marketing fundamentals lesson plans have in common.

Highlight the Importance of Multiple Aspects of Digital Marketing In Your Lesson Plans

When you teach digital marketing fundamentals, it is important to make sure your students understand the importance of having multiple facets of marketing working in tandem. For example, if you spend all of your marketing efforts on social media and develop the best social media presence ever, it’s still not going to be a successful marketing strategy if you’ve put no resources into SEO or web design. Make sure that students understand that the basic pillars of digital marketing—SEO, PPC, web design, content writing, social media, and email marketing—must all work together to create a holistic marketing strategy. The most successful digital marketing agencies are those that provide each of these elements, all working together to target the same audience and promote the same services.

Teach Adaptability

Lesson planning for the world of digital marketing is ever-evolving, with constant changes to algorithms, new devices and channels for people to consume digital content, and more businesses offering online services than ever. Digital marketers never stop learning because the field never stops changing. Learning how to adapt and roll with the punches when something changes the way you need to tackle marketing is a crucial skill that students need to have.

Include Real Examples

Showing your students real-world examples in your lesson planning of how digital marketing has been successful, failed, or made an impact is the best way to engage your students. This gives them a real idea of how the skills that they are learning can be applied, and what the consequences may be. Show them examples from recognizable companies and how their marketing campaigns have helped shape their brands.

Teach Up-to-Date Information

There is nothing worse than taking a digital marketing fundamentals class only to realize that the content being taught is out of date. Make sure that your lesson plans are up on the current digital marketing trends and choose a textbook that is written by industry professionals who know the current digital landscape. Mujo’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals textbook is written by successful digital marketing professionals with up-to-date information, and the online teacher resource cloud and courseware platform provided with each of our textbooks is regularly updated with new information to help you teach the best content possible.

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