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Any institution that has a digital marketing program should be teaching e-commerce strategies to students. E-commerce marketing is a major revenue stream for companies all over the world, and students interested in pursuing a career in marketing will need to be savvy in the use of various e-commerce platforms.

As a decision-maker at a college or university, you are always looking for ways to support your faculty while reducing costs. Providing instructors with the following resources is an effective way to cut down on the amount of additional support and time they will need to design courses.

Lesson Plans That Include Leading E-Commerce Platforms

To cut down on lesson-planning hours, provide your instructors with ready-made lesson plans that cover the leading e-commerce platforms. These include platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Students will benefit from learning about relevant platforms they will be expected to use in the work world, and instructors will be able to save time on creating lesson plans from scratch. Encourage instructors to use these lesson plans to spark discussion and have students think about possible advantages and disadvantages to different e-commerce platforms and collectively come up with solutions.

Quizzes, Tests, & Answer Keys

Creating and marking tests is generally one of the most time-consuming aspects of teaching a course. Make instructors’ lives easier and make better use of their valuable time by providing them with quizzes, tests, and answer keys. This saves them the time of having to develop the quizzes and tests, and when it is time to mark them, your instructors will be able to get through them quickly if they have simple answer keys to follow.

Choose materials that will test students’ understanding of leading e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Google Analytics. Testing students’ knowledge of platforms that they have had practical experience with in their assignments helps to solidify their understanding and prepare them for the future. Using pre-made tests and quizzes also reduces bias and ensures consistent assessment of students, which makes it easier for teachers to evaluate students’ progress in the course and provide the right support.

E-Commerce Assignments

It is important that students in digital marketing programs are given the opportunity to get hands-on practical experience. Providing instructors with student assignments that integrate e-commerce platforms into learning is a great way to ensure students are gaining the expertise they need while streamlining instructor prep time. With these assignments, students will discover how to apply their newly-acquired knowledge practically while honing their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Having pre-made assignments provided also simplifies the instructor’s workload because it provides a structure for the course as a whole. When an instructor is given the assignments they will be using, they can then centre their lecture topics around each assignment and build a comprehensive course that way.

Teacher Manuals

Mujo’s teacher manuals and turn-key curriculum are an indispensable resource for college and university digital marketing instructors. The Strategic Web Design And e-Commerce teacher’s manual contains everything instructors need to teach an effective course, including minute-by-minute lesson plans, quizzes, tests, answer keys, and assignments that provide hands-on experience with leading e-commerce platforms, and more. Strategic Web Design And e-Commerce provides everything needed to teach students how to build their own functional e-commerce website, from laying a strategic foundation to enhancing security to running analytics and maintenance.

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