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Are you teaching a course on digital marketing fundamentals? Follow these steps to keep your students engaged and motivated.

Context is Key

Use context to situate the skills that you are teaching. Present students with real-world examples of the kind of marketing hits and misses that you are describing, talk about the marketing choices made in the campaigns and the consequences of those choices. Seeing the digital marketing fundamentals in action, within the context of real campaigns, will help your students fully understand on a practical level.

Stay Up to Date

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field that evolves quickly. Make sure that the materials you are teaching are up to date and will be relevant to your students who will be joining the workforce soon. Use a reliable digital marketing textbook that contains the latest information, and be sure to teach your students the importance of adaptability – if they pursue a career in digital marketing, learning to roll with the punches of new algorithms, trends, and strategies will always be part of their lives.

Cover the Main Pillars of Digital Marketing

Make sure that you explain each main pillar of digital marketing: PPC advertising, SEO, web design, social media, and email marketing. All of these are individual specializations that come together to form a holistic, successful marketing strategy. Teach students how to develop a strategy that uses all of these elements, as opposed to putting all resources into just one thing, like social media or SEO.

Integrate Experiential Learning

Encourage your students to learn through experience. Give them interactive assignments where they can design and build their own websites, experiment with social media, and do keyword research. When it comes to digital marketing fundamentals, learning by doing is very effective because it allows students to get some hands-on experience as opposed to simply hearing about a lot of strategies that are difficult to grasp without seeing them in action.

Use the Right Textbook

Choosing the right textbook is the most important thing when it comes to teaching digital marketing fundamentals. Mujo’s textbooks are all written by industry professionals and come in both student and teacher editions. Our teacher editions come with quick access to over 500 hours of the latest content, tests, quizzes and resources on up-to-date online marketing and web development techniques. Student editions are designed to enhance the student’s engagement, and include a built-in experiential project. Talk to a curriculum advisor to learn more about our unique teacher resource cloud and courseware.

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