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A Quick and Easy Way to Meet Student Needs

Today, Mujo is pleased to announce the launch of custom tests as part of its digital marketing turnkey system. In response to feedback from instructors, Mujo has made it possible for institutions to modify and add to its existing testing materials. Gone are the days when instructors could only print out a pre-made exam and deliver it as written. Now, they can review an exam and adjust it in various ways.

Select Questions That Work for You

Custom tests make it possible for instructors to emphasize certain topics and chapter content in a Mujo text. They simply need to modify our comprehensive testing materials. It is quick and easy to either add some questions and/or omit some existing questions. Also, if an instructor prefers to deliver a multiple-choice-only test, rather than a test with a range of question styles, he or she can feel free to utilize only the multiple-choice questions provided. Alternatively, an instructor can change the style or wording of any exam question as well.

Custom Tests That Are Easy to Administer

Administering a custom test online to students is easy. Once an instructor has selected and modified a Mujo exam, he or she will receive a link. That link can be passed on to other instructors and students. As a result, students can take the test anywhere, making this assessment style ideal for both in-class exams and distance education testing. No student test registration required!

Once students have completed their tests and submitted them, grades will automatically be emailed to the instructor or they can see results online via a dashboard. This automated grading process saves instructors time, and organizes students’ marks for quick retrieval later.

Contact Mujo today and discover how custom tests can be a valuable assessment tool for your school!

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