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Why Yoast and Jetpack?

WordPress has been around for more than 12 years and has long been a favorite of bloggers. It now also makes sense for businesses who want to provide valuable content to their readers. A business that establishes itself as an industry expert through its site content will build up a reputation for credibility and trustworthiness with its target audience. Now, there are many, many plugins available for your WordPress website. However, if you want to create better text that will be found by more people, then Yoast and Jetpack are definitely must-haves.

Yoast: The Plugin for a More Readable and Optimized WordPress Website

Countless websites and blogs exist online, yet the quality of their content varies widely. The ones that stand out must be better in terms of readability and SEO. That’s where Yoast comes in, and acts as a copywriter’s best friend. After a writer inputs text, Yoast evaluates it for readability, giving it a red light for “needs improvement”, an orange light for “okay”, or a green light for “good”. How does Yoast make this assessment? First, Yoast gives your copy a Flesch reading ease score. This score is based on the length of your sentences, the number of syllables in the words you’ve chosen, etc. Now, sometimes creating text that’s ‘fairly difficult’ to read isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on your target audience.

Yoast also looks at other factors when it comes to readability:

  • What percentage of your sentences contain transitional words?
  • How often do you use passive voice?
  • How long are your paragraphs?

Even seasoned copywriters need this kind of feedback. It is also extremely helpful when Yoast highlights spots in the text that need improvement. It’s like having an editor with you whenever you want.

In terms of SEO, Yoast is also very helpful. In the free version, the writer can input one focus keyword, and in the paid version up to five per page. Yoast lets you know if you’ve used your focus keyword(s) before. It also tells you if your:

  • Keyword density is sufficient
  • URL contains stop words
  • Feature image is missing alt attributes

Jetpack: The Ultimate Social-Sharing Plugin

If you look at almost any list of plugins for WordPress sites, Jetpack is always near the top. And, with more than a million installs, this plugin has demonstrated its popularity among WordPress site owners. It has more than 30 modules that can be installed, offering users everything from valuable site statistics to protection from malicious attacks and spam. Here, I’d like to focus on two of these modules: Sharing and Publicize. By installing them, you will have a much greater chance to getting more attention on social media for your blog posts and site content.

The Sharing module makes it possible for your readers to share your content on social media more easily. For every blog post you publish, you can add social media buttons. They usually appear at the end of the post, and all that a user needs to do is click and your post can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is possible to change the style of the buttons and the sharing label, which is basically your CTA text. Here’s a helpful guide to setting up this module.

The Publicize module is helpful for you, the site owner, when it comes to sharing your content on your social media platforms. Rather than copying a blog post’s URL and pasting it into Facebook, then Twitter, etc. “Publicize makes it easy to share your site’s posts on several social media networks automatically . . . Premium and Professional plan users can also share content that has already been published, and schedule their posts to be shared at a specific time.”1 Discover how to set up and fully utilize the Publicize module’s features here.


1 “Publicize.” Jetpack. N.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2017.

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