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Follow these tips to make your email marketing lessons more effective. For more information on teaching digital marketing in your classroom, request an examination copy of one of our textbooks.

Teach the Difference Between Email Content & Website Content

Many people assume that writing a page for a website and writing an email campaign are essentially the same thing, but there are important differences that your students need to understand in order to be equipped as email marketers. While long-form content is your friend on web pages, emails should be short, to the point, and text should always be broken up with white space, lists, and design elements.

Show the Importance of Clearly Defined Goals

Train your students to think about what each email is trying to do. Are they boosting brand awareness for a company? Driving sales for a particular product or promotion? Keeping customers engaged and building loyalty? Every marketing email should have one clearly defined goal, and often when students are first starting out they do not use this as a jumping-off point. Learning how to determine goals for each email helps students create campaigns that include clear calls to action and engage readers in a way that supports the overall marketing strategy.

Explain Double Opt-ins

Make sure that you take the time to teach your students about double opt-ins. Every burgeoning email marketer needs to know about double opt-ins because they are now considered the norm in email marketing. A double opt-in is when you sign up for an email newsletter on a website and then receive a confirmation email where you need to click a button to confirm that you want to receive the emails. Double opt-ins ensure that newsletters and other campaigns are only sent to those who have given their permission. Show your students how to set up a double opt-in and they’ll be that much more prepared to enter the workforce.

Demonstrate Automation

Demonstrating how email automation works shows students how powerful a tool automation can be for email campaigns. Show examples of workflows that automatically send at specified times and to different people based on options they’ve selected or data collected about their preferences. Have students set up their own automated campaign to see how it increases efficiency and creates more options for marketing.

Teach Popular Email Platforms

Make sure that you give your students hands-on experience creating email campaigns using popular marketing email platforms like HubSpot. Mujo’s line of digital marketing textbooks contain in-depth lessons on HubSpot and other email marketing platforms to help students feel confident in their ability to effectively use these platforms in their future jobs.

Show the Data

Email marketing isn’t just about creating great email campaigns, it’s also about understanding how to analyze them after they’ve gone out. Show students how to read relevant data, including open rates, clicks, and unsubscribes for every email they send out and set realistic expectations regarding what they can expect from a successful campaign. This type of data is invaluable because it can be used to craft even better emails in the future based on what did and didn’t work on past campaigns.

When it comes to teaching digital marketing foundations like email marketing, choosing the right textbook is essential. Instructors trust Mujo Learning Systems’ range of textbooks to provide reliable, up-to-date information and decrease lesson-planning time with easy-to-teach lessons, clear assignments, real-world examples, and more.

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