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College and University Students Who Know Zoho Have an Edge

With over 250,000 businesses currently using Zoho, it’s likely that students about to join the workforce will find themselves interviewing at companies that use this CRM. Those who have been familiarized with the platform through their digital marketing courses will have an edge over other new marketers and will be more likely to land the job they want and grow their careers from there.

Institutions that include Zoho in their digital marketing curriculum will produce high-achieving, successful students who have an edge on the competition when they enter the workforce. More digital marketing instructors are integrating lesson plans on Zoho into their curriculum to ensure that students are learning practical skills that they’ll use in the workforce. For help with teaching all of the most relevant digital platforms, including Zoho, request your free Mujo textbook examination copy today.

More and more successful companies are choosing Zoho as their CRM because of its extensive features that make it simple to streamline process management, sales, and more. Businesses that use Zoho are able to easily implement automation, make data-backed decisions, and create effective remote working environments.

Here is what sets Zoho apart from other CRM platforms:

  • Secure & reliable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Flexible pricing
  • No contracts
  • Easy migration

How to Teach Zoho is as Simple as 1-2-3

The best way to teach Zoho is to present students with practical assignments where they can  get hands-on experience with the platform, so that they can feel confident and equipped for the work world. Throughout all of Mujo’s textbooks, students will find practice assignments and discussion questions that refer to Zoho and other relevant platforms, inviting them to engage and think critically about how they would utilize Zoho in a work setting.

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