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Web design is a complex skill to learn, and teaching it to students new to the concept can be difficult. Here are our best tips on how to introduce students to the concept of web design effectively.

Show the Good—and the Bad

To emphasize the importance of web design for user experience, it is important to show both good and bad real-world examples. This reinforces not only how much good web design can improve customer experience, but also establishes the stakes by showing how poor web design can completely ruin customer experience.

Ask Questions

Ask your students what websites they like and why they like them. Show them examples of websites and ask for their opinions on them. Asking about their user experience on various websites will bring up important points and show real-world evidence of how web design impacts the way people feel about brands and products.

Keep it Simple. No, Really

When you’re teaching the basics of web design, students are going to ask complex questions. While it’s important to encourage students to ask questions and answer them properly, don’t let questions derail you and turn your lesson into a tangent on something more complicated than you originally intended. When faced with a question about something more complex, give as brief and simple an answer as possible, let them know that that question will be delved into in more advanced sections of the course, and return to the basics that you are teaching.

Talk About Multiple Devices

Think about mobile experience and how touch is involved in web design—sure, a CTA might look great on desktop, but is that button the right size and shape for a finger to easily hit on a smartphone or tablet screen?

Consider Using Mujo’s Teacher Manuals and Textbooks

Mujo’s strategic web design and e-Commerce teacher manual and curriculum is created by professionals with years of experience and proven success in the field. With minute-by-minute lesson plans, assignments, exams, quizzes, and teacher manuals, you will save time on lesson prep and keep your classes focused, on task, and learning the exact skills they should be learning.

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