Artificial Intelligence Marketing Textbook For Higher Education Students



Mujo’s Foundations of Artificial Intelligence textbook offers an essential resource for higher education students, delving into the complexities of artificial intelligence technologies and their impactful applications in marketing. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth exploration suitable for university and college-level learners, covering advanced AI concepts like machine learning, data analytics, and algorithmic automation. It emphasizes how these technologies can revolutionize marketing strategies, offering practical insights and real-world examples. The textbook is tailored to meet the needs of students in business and marketing courses, preparing them for a future in an AI-driven industry with a strong foundation in both theoretical understanding and practical application of AI in digital marketing.

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Book Format

Electronic – Vital Source, Soft Copy Printed

Table of Contents

Ch 1 The Importance of Brand
Ch 2 Audience and Reach
Ch 3 Goals and Analytics
Ch 4 Domain Names
Ch 5 Keyword Research
Ch 6 Online Marketing
Ch 7 Email Marketing
Ch 8 Budgeting

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