Website Design High School (Teacher’s Manual) WDS-TM


Comes with a web design course outline, course manual and our free private server environment, allowing your students to build their very own website.

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Website Design Teacher’s Manual (60 – 80 hours)

Written by agency professionals with more than 25 years experience, our high school edition website design manual is more than just a manual. It is a fully developed web design course that reviews the top build platforms and focuses on using WordPress for website design and WooCommerce for e-Commerce builds. The high school student textbook and course work advances students knowledge by teaching them the foundation of how websites work, what platforms they can choose and current best practices. The manual also examines how technology choices for building a website are more important than ever for creative flexibility and design efficiency. Each student gains a general understanding of analytics, CMSs and hands on experience of creating functional website from scratch. We include a FREE hosted platform to set the foundation for this integrated learning system.

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