Writing Digital Media Content (PRINTED) Higher Ed Instructor Manual (WDMC-TM)


Mujo’s writing digital media content course instructor’s manual provides the necessary materials, syllabus, lesson plan and workbook. Framed  from over 25 years of agency experience.

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Product Description

Copywriting & Digital Media Content Writing Instructor’s Manual (40-50 Hours of Curriculum)

Writing online is very different from writing print. Thus, even strong writers must master how to write and market their content for the digital media environment. This instructor’s manual provides, lesson plans, syllabus, course material and much more to make teaching the copywriting textbook curriculum an engaging and rewarding experience. Also, from white papers to e-Newsletters, students will discover how to create search engine optimized (SEO) content for the web. Video storyboarding and scripting, as well as content promotion, will also be examined in this content development manual.

General overview of Digital Writing Education Program

All softcover editions will receive answer keys sent separately upon purchase.

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