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Make Lesson Planning Easier

Lesson planning can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and instructors often need a lot of support to get it all done. However, with the right resources, lesson planning can be quick and painless. If you provide your instructors with pre-planned lessons, they can simply jump right into teaching the course without a ton of prep time. Having a pre-set lesson plan is also incredibly beneficial if you find yourself in a situation where an instructor suddenly is unable to teach a course. With pre-planned lessons, a substitute can step in and simply run with the lesson plans that already exist instead of scrambling to design a course on the fly. Mujo’s digital marketing textbooks come complete with minute-by-minute lesson plans for instructors.

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Cut Down on Test Prep/Marking Time

Prepping and marking quizzes and exams can feel daunting to even the most experienced college and university instructors. If you are able to provide your college’s instructors with tests, quizzes, and exams with answer keys, you can significantly reduce the amount of time required for designing tests and marking them. This can also cut down on instructors’ need for teaching assistants, freeing up more resources for your college.

Provide Resources

Provide your instructors with as many resources as possible from the get-go so that they don’t find themselves in need of extra support. If you give your instructors materials such as a full course curriculum, instructional videos, lesson-by-lesson PowerPoint decks, and supplemental content, they should be able to effectively teach the course with no extra support from the college. Supplying these resources at the beginning of the semester means that instructors can breeze through the course easily without hitting roadblocks or spending a ton of time on lesson planning and marking.

Encourage Using Relevant Platforms

Encourage teachers to integrate relevant platforms into their classroom. It’s a good idea to give students practical, hands-on experience using relevant digital marketing tools and platforms. Not only that, but these platforms also often have support built right in, which means that instructors can get helpful tips and troubleshooting through the platform itself. This is a great way for instructors to get support without leaning on the college’s finite supply of resources.

Choose the Right Textbook

Choosing the right textbooks for your college’s digital marketing courses is essential if you want your instructors to be self-sufficient. Make sure that your college is using textbooks that are up to date with the latest in the marketing industry, provide hands-on lessons, and relevant discussion prompts. Pick a textbook that offers both student and teacher editions, this way your instructors will get extra teaching guidance right in their edition of the course textbook.

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