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More and more educational institutions, from high schools to technical colleges to universities, are including CRM and marketing automation lesson plans in their curriculum. Here are some simple tips to make lesson plans more effective at your institution.

Teach How to Do it Manually Before Teaching How to Automate it

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate how important automation is is to teach students how to do things manually first, then teach them how to automate the same process. This helps students understand just how much time they can save through automation. It also gives them a better understanding of exactly what is happening during the automation process.

Give Hands-on Lessons

Choose a CRM platform and have your students sign up for a free trial so that they can apply what they’re learning. Have them use the CRM to create sales funnels, customer profiles, and more. Have them note down surprising challenges and discuss those in class to learn about what obstacles everyone faced and how they problem-solved.

Discuss Different Types of CRMs and How to Choose

You may choose to focus on one particular platform for CRM and marketing automation, but make sure that you still include discussions on other types of CRM platforms as well. You want to leave students with an understanding of how different platforms could be used for different types of businesses and how to pick the right one. Choose a textbook that covers multiple popular CRM platforms and includes discussion questions, lesson plans, and hands-on assignments.

Explain How CRM and Automation are Essential for Remote Work

Remote work is becoming more and more the norm, and will likely be even more prevalent by the time current college and university students are entering the workforce. It is important to teach students how essential CRM and automation platforms are to creating effective remote work environments. CRM platforms enable employers to keep staff accountable, make sure that tasks and deadlines are organized, assigned, and easy to find, and create collaborative tasks that multiple people can work on together from afar. Odds are that your students will be dealing with CRM and automation on a daily basis in their jobs, and learning it now gives them a good foundation to help them in the future.

Make teaching CRM and automation even easier with Mujo’s CRM Marketing Automation Teacher’s Manual, which includes detailed lessons, practical assignments, and discussion questions for class.

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