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Thanks to tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Dall-E, artificial intelligence exploded in popularity in 2023, and there is little indication that AI’s surging popularity will slow down in 2024. Fortune recently deemed 2024 the “Year of AI,” citing financial analysis that predicts a continued rise in AI-powered tech stocks.

AI’s popularity has led to massive changes in many industries, including digital marketing. Marketers are rapidly integrating artificial intelligence into a wide number of practices, from content creation to data management. For this reason, students looking to start a career in digital marketing need to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, or risk being left behind.

With that in mind, this instalment of Mujo’s newsletter will discuss some of the best courses available to digital marketing educators who are looking to keep their students up to date on the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

Hootsuite’s Social Listening with Hootsuite Streams

Hootsuite’s Social Listening with Hootsuite Streams

While much of the discussion around AI marketing has focused on generative AI tools like ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has also drastically changed the way that marketers engage with social media. For instance, the practice of social listening leverages AI in order to parse huge volumes text across social media platforms to learn more about the interests and sentiments of a business’s target audience.

Social listening is a hugely valuable new practice for digital marketers. But it can also be difficult to know where to start, as each social listening platform has its own unique set of features for marketers to explore. Thankfully, social media management platform Hootsuite offers a full course to help marketers understand the value that social listening can bring to their campaigns. The course is part of Hootsuite Academy and is designed to help marketers familiarize themselves with the various features of Hootsuite’s social listening toolset. This includes practical insights into how to add new channels to Hootsuite’s platform, as well as useful guidance on the kinds of keywords that marketers should be listening for across social media. The course can be taken for free, but marketers can also pay a $99 fee to challenge an exam and earn a Hootsuite platform certification.

Course format: Video and text

Time to complete: 2.5 hours

Datacamp’s Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Python

Datacamp’s Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Python

Artificial intelligence has also led to powerful new forms of analytics data. For instance, predictive analytics leverage the power of machine learning to generate forecasts and help businesses make data-driven decisions about their future. While the technology behind predictive analytics is extremely complex, Datacamp’s Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Python can offer marketers a useful starting point for understanding the fundamentals of this powerful type of data.

Through this course, students are introduced to the basics of logistic regression—a method of analysis that uses observational data to make predictions about future events. The course also places an emphasis on interpretation, or explaining how models reach certain conclusions. This is an important skill for using predictive analytics in a business context, where business owners and other stakeholders will want to understand how predictive analytics were generated. The course can be taken for free, but Datacamp also offers certificates of completion for students who subscribe to their premium program.

Course format: Video with exercises

Time to complete: 4 hours


Vanderbilt University’s Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Vanderbilt University’s Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are already changing the way marketers develop their marketing content. Using generative artificial intelligence, marketers can quickly draft anything from an Instagram caption to a long-form blogpost. But the quality of the work generated by tools like ChatGPT can vary widely. One of the key factors for determining the quality of an AI generated text is the quality of the prompt, or set of instructions given to the AI tool. For this reason, marketers have developed a set of strategies and tactics for improving their prompts, which has come to be known as “prompt engineering.”

While prompt engineering is still a relatively new concept, Vanderbilt’s Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT course provides a solid foundation for marketers looking to improve their prompts. Through the course, students will learn the key principles of prompt engineering and explore a number of helpful prompt patterns, or reusable frameworks for common generative AI tasks. This course can be audited for free through Coursera, though a paid upgraded course path offers students graded assessments as well as access to a certificate after completion.

Course format: Video and text

Time to complete: 18 hours

Mujo’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Mujo’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Mujo’s recently launched Artificial Intelligence Marketing textbook is designed to provide digital marketing educators with everything they need to give their students a practical understanding of artificial intelligence and its impact on the world of marketing. As the other courses discussed in this newsletter help to illustrate, artificial intelligence is a hugely complex and field that requires a high degree of technical knowledge. Thankfully, Mujo’s AI marketing course is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of AI give students a practical understanding of how they can be applied in a wide range of marketing contexts. This includes major topics like generative content creation, social listening, and predictive analytics, as well as automated personalized email campaigns, chatbots and CX optimization, and more. Like all of Mujo’s textbooks, Artificial Intelligence Marketing is updated on a regular basis, ensuring students have access to the most current information on the world of artificial intelligence.

Course Format: Text with exercises, projects, quizzes, and exams

Time to complete: 65 hours

Artificial intelligence is a complex and intimidating field that poses a number of challenges to educators. Thankfully, resources like the courses discussed in this newsletter can help make AI more accessible to marketing students and prepare them for a successful career in digital marketing.

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