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When building your lesson plans for teaching an online writing course, make sure that you include these elements in order to keep students engaged and help them build the skills that they will need as content writers in the digital space.

Highlight the Differences Between Writing for the Web & Writing for Print

Many students with strong writing skills still struggle with writing for online and digital marketing purposes. This is because students are generally taught writing skills geared towards print publications in school. Online writing is different from print writing in that the reader can change their mind and click away at any moment, so it is essential to grab their attention right from the very beginning and keep them wanting to read. Online writing tends to be more conversational than print and breaking up the text with white space, bolding, and bullet points is important to ensure a good reading experience on all devices.

Show Concrete Examples

It’s important to remember that writing for the web is more than just crafting a great blog post. Certainly, learning how to write an outstanding blog is essential, but a good content writing class should also include tips on how to write social media posts, product pages, landing pages, ad copy, and more. Make sure that you supply your students with examples of good writing for all of these.

Writing & SEO

Online writing skills and SEO skills go hand in hand. Include a section in your course on writing for SEO by integrating keywords, writing optimized meta descriptions and headlines, and choosing topics that will boost search engine rankings.

Get Interactive

Lesson plans that include interactive elements are more engaging and help students to learn and retain information better as they go. Come up with some ways to get students participating in class, such as collectively coming up with engaging headlines for a potential blog post or making a list of words to include in copy in order to grasp the tone of a certain brand.

Use Trusted Courseware

Choose courseware and teacher manuals that you know you can trust. Mujo’s Writing Digital Media Content teacher manual’s and student textbook are written by experts in the field backed by over 25 years of professional digital marketing experience. The teacher’s manual includes minute-by-minute lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, exams, and answer keys to help you teach the best course possible while saving you time on lesson planning.

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