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If your high school or post-secondary institution is considering offering courses on SEO in order to empower students with the real-world marketing skills they need to thrive in business, it is important to ensure that the courses you offer provide the best information in a way that is conducive to learning and retaining that information.

Here’s what the best SEO lesson plans have in common:

Up-to-Date Content

Major search engines’ algorithms are constantly changing, which means that SEO best practices are also constantly evolving in order to adapt. That means that those SEO textbooks your institution purchased five years ago might be totally outdated by now. Choose newly updated textbooks like those by Mujo Learning Systems and make sure that your instructors periodically refresh their own SEO knowledge.

Teach Both On-Page & Off-Page SEO

While on-page SEO tends to get more attention, it is important to also teach off-page SEO and make sure that students fully understand the difference between the two. While on-page SEO (any optimizations made directly on your website) improves your ranking on search engine results pages, off-page SEO, or optimization done through other websites backlinking and/or referring to yours, helps to increase brand awareness and domain authority. Both of these aspects of SEO are important and should be taught in tandem.

Explain How SEO Needs Other Services to Support it

In a course dedicated to SEO, it’s important to make sure that students realize there is more to a successful marketing strategy than SEO by itself. A good SEO lesson plan includes a section on the other pillars of marketing–social media, PPC, content writing, web design, and email marketing–and how these pillars work together with SEO in order to build a strong marketing plan that not only gets your website found online, but also provides an excellent user experience.

Resources for Teaching SEO in Colleges and Universities

Always make sure that you are using trusted, up-to-date resources to make teaching SEO simpler and more effective. Mujo Learning Systems textbooks are updated regularly and contain all of the in-depth information needed to give students a great foundation of SEO knowledge.

Many institutions prefer to supply instructors with textbooks that have teacher editions available in order to streamline lesson prep. Mujo’s teacher editions help instructors optimize their lesson plans with quick access to over 500 hours of the latest content, tests, quizzes and resources. To learn more, request a free examination copy.

Improve Your SEO Lesson Plans

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