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In the world of digital marketing education, micro-credentials offer a unique advantage for both educators and students. For educators, these bite-sized learning modules serve as valuable supplements to traditional course curriculums. They can be used to:

  • Deepen student understanding: Micro-credentials can delve into specific industry tools and platforms, providing students with a more comprehensive understanding of how digital marketing works in practice.
  • Reinforce key concepts: By focusing on specific areas, micro-credentials can solidify student comprehension of complex marketing concepts.
  • Enhance student professionalization: Completing micro-credentials allows students to showcase their proficiency in relevant skills to potential employers. This is particularly valuable in a competitive job market.

While many online learning platforms offer micro-credentials for digital marketing students, one of the most valuable resources for student professionalization is LinkedIn Learning. Not only does LinkedIn Learning provide short courses on a wide range of subjects, skills, and platforms, its direct integration with LinkedIn’s social platform allows students to clearly display their completed LinkedIn Learning courses on their LinkedIn profile, helping them stand out to potential employers. LinkedIn also organizes their courses into paths, helping students find the courses that match their career goals.

With that in mind, in this post we’ll explore some of the key LinkedIn Learning paths for digital marketing educators. While every student will have their own goals and interests, the paths offered through LinkedIn Learning are a great way for students to supplement their learning, dig deeper into the topics or platforms that interest them, and help build the foundation for a successful career in digital marketing.

The landing page for LinkedIn Learning.

What Are LinkedIn Learning Paths?

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning has a huge library of courses on a wide range of subjects. Through LinkedIn Learning, people can find courses covering everything from the Microsoft Office Suite to public speaking. While each of these courses has something to offer learners, the sheer volume of content available on LinkedIn Learning can make it difficult for students to know where to start.

Thankfully, LinkedIn Learning organizes their courses into paths, which are curated collections of courses on a specific topic, theme, or skillset. Paths are generally structured in stages, starting with more introductory level courses on a given topic and gradually introducing more complex material. Students can work through all of the courses on a given path or find the individual courses within a given path that are most relevant to them.

Each of the courses in a LinkedIn Learning path can be purchased directly, but access to LinkedIn Learning’s course library is also included in a subscription to LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn Premium is LinkedIn’s paid service that gives subscribers access to a wider range of LinkedIn features, including an expanded set of analytics tools and higher visibility in job applications sent through the platform. LinkedIn offers a free month trial of LinkedIn Premium to all users, making it an accessible option for students looking to learn new skills while searching for a job.

Best Digital Marketing LinkedIn Learning Paths

LinkedIn Learning’s extensive library holds valuable resources that can complement existing digital marketing curricula and broaden students’ skills and knowledge base.

Paths that are particularly useful for digital marketing educators include:

The landing page for the Master Excel for Data Science path.

Master Excel for Data Science

This path delves into the world of data analysis using a familiar tool: Microsoft Excel. Through this path, students will gain proficiency in essential data analysis techniques like basic statistics, filtering, and creating data visualizations through charts. This makes it a great supplementary resource for marketing courses with a focus on big data and analytics, such as Mujo’s Big Data Analytics and Reporting.

This learning path provides students with a practical introduction to Power Query—an industry-standard tool for data manipulation—as well as the R programming language. Equipping students with these skills can significantly enhance their ability to process and interpret data, a crucial skill in today’s data-driven marketing landscape.

The landing page for the Getting Started with WordPress path.

Getting Started with WordPress

Through this path, students can refine many of the foundational skills necessary to build websites using the popular platform, WordPress. The course equips students with a comprehensive understanding of core WordPress functionalities and guides them through the process of crafting custom themes. This makes it a useful supplementary resource for web development courses, such as Mujo’s Strategic Web Design and e-Commerce.

Additionally, this learning path delves into the building blocks of web development, introducing them to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, languages that underpin modern websites. This knowledge empowers students to not only use WordPress effectively but also understand how websites function on a deeper level.

The landing page for the Advance Your Skills in Predictive Analytics path.

Advance Your Skills in Predictive Analytics

This path takes students helps students deepen their understanding of the fascinating world of predictive analytics. They’ll learn about the power of this field and explore the tools and techniques used to make data-driven predictions. The path delves into the realm of machine learning, data science, and financial forecasting, making it a great supplement for applied AI courses like Mujo’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

This learning path also introduces students to cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, which are instrumental in handling and processing the massive datasets involved in predictive analytics.

Through LinkedIn Learning paths, digital marketing educators can find a huge volume of resources to supplement their existing digital marketing courses. By introducing their students to LinkedIn Learning, digital marketing educators can help their students become life-long learners and prepare them for a successful career in digital marketing.

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