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If you run a higher education institution such as a college or university, you are constantly looking for ways to support your faculty and make lesson planning simpler, more efficient, and more cost effective. These proven strategies will help social media marketing instructors at your school teach more successfully without draining their time and resources.

Get Technical

Effective social media marketing lesson plans don’t shy away from the technical aspect of social media marketing. Sure, social media is a creative discipline, but it also requires a number of technical skills and comfort with a multitude of platforms. Lesson plans should include not only the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but successful lesson plans will also cover social media management tools. The most successful social media marketing curricula include assignments that allow students to experiment with different social media platforms and management tools.

Providing instructors with textbooks that are up to date with the latest in social media technology is essential for optimal lesson planning. See why more colleges and universities are choosing Mujo’s Social Media Marketing Strategies textbook.

Provide Thoughtful Discussion Prompts

A good lesson plan is one that generates engaging discussion during class. Getting students talking about their ideas, questions, and interests in regards to social media is a powerful way to help them learn and think through the lesson at hand. Instructors who are provided with thoughtful discussion prompts relevant to each lesson will have a much easier time convincing students to participate and engage fully in class. Discussion prompts should be relevant to any particular social media tools or platforms being taught as well as to assignments that the class has completed and examples presented in the course textbook.

Cover Different Strategies

Devote some lesson plans to different types of social media marketing strategies. It is important for students to learn the many different ways that social media can be leveraged, including through paid social media ads, influencer marketing, social presence as customer support, and more. Covering a different strategy in each lesson gives a course a clear structure that makes lesson planning simpler and more effective. Look at real-world brands and the different types of strategies they use, and how a given strategy fits (or doesn’t fit) with the brand’s image and mission.

Time-Saving Resources

The more time-saving resources a social media marketing instructor has, the simpler lesson planning is. Often, lesson planning takes up the bulk of an instructor’s time and takes away from their capacity to deliver engaging lectures and provide students with detailed, helpful feedback. When an instructor has access to resources such as pre-designed lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, and answer keys, the amount of time and support they need to plan and teach a course is significantly reduced. Mujo’s Social Media Marketing Strategies Teacher’s Manual provides instructors with discussion prompts, up-to-date social media lesson plans, assignments, and more.

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