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Our Higher Ed program provides both 2-year and 4-year educators the opportunity to add one 40 hour title or up to 360 hours and six titles of instructor-led content, focusing on everything digital marketing. Educators can add our content titles to enrich your offerings within your existing degree, certificate, or as a standalone course offering.

We can also provide you with our own "digital marketing certificate" program with the completion of 4 of our titles, DMF, SWD, SMMS and SEO along with a student passing grade of 90%. We also offer a “master in digital marketing" certificate with the completion of all 6 of our titles adding WFTW and MA.

We provide higher ed with our unique Teacher Training Cloud Courseware FREE, for each of your instructors, every year to help ensure consistent delivery of our content across multiple campuses. Our cloud includes hundreds of instructional videos that walk instructors through each chapter of individual textbooks, as well as provide PowerPoint slides for every chapter, supplemental materials to increase hours for your classroom delivery, answer keys, quizzes, exams, and much more.

There are several ways you can use our content successfully, so please let us know how your school and course is set up and how many students you are planning on attending over each intake or semester / year.

Please instruct us on your model of delivery, whether you want to purchase the books directly and include them in your tuition, or have your students purchase them directly and take their textbooks with them at the end of class. We offer soft-copy and ebook delivery based on your class size, volume, and class delivery model.

Please note textbooks cannot be re-used in order to maintain content delivery standards. We update our textbooks as the technology changes, (both teacher manuals and student textbooks at the same time). We recommend ebook delivery through your LMS to keep your instructors and students current with the latest content. 2-4-year educators can choose how often you deploy the updated versions in your course offerings. Rest assured, our textbooks and teacher training cloud platform maintain previous versions for up to 2 years.

Note: we maintain learning outcomes consistently with updates and notify you when changes occur that may require you to re-submit your course approvals to governing bodies. Instructors receive the latest updates through our teacher training cloud automatically and can choose to use the latest version or maintain the one they started with, either by semester, intake, semiannually or annually.

Our Higher Ed Program Provides Educators With:

  • FREE Teacher Training Cloud Platform
  • 2 Certificates in Digital Marketing
  • Turnkey Curriculum / Learning Outcomes
  • Full Title Access
  • Free Instructor Soft Copy Manuals
  • Advisor Training and Collateral to Help You Sell
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
  • Subject Matter Expert Access
  • Free 1-1 Digital Marketing Consultation with our affiliate agency Thinkprofits.com